Saturday, February 17, 2018

Good Article 


Bonnie ran across this article about gun range safety and thought you might find it interesting.


There were a couple of Border Patrol families down at the range this afternoon.  One of the guys was shooting a 50 caliber rifle which he offered to Bonnie to shoot.  She won’t do that again.  Ask to see her video; her hair blew back from the muzzle blast and her ears are still ringing.





Friday, February 16, 2018

Video Surveillance

FYI: We installed cameras at the range earlier this week.  The cameras are on 24/7.

The cameras are intended to deter "non-members", but everyone should be aware they exist.


Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saturday Shootout Feb 10

We had 10 shooters for the .22lr Precision Shoot this morning. The weather started cool and cloudy and ended sunny and warm.  We shot paper targets, steel targets, Tootsie Pop suckers, and wooden match sticks. Breaking a wooden match stick at 25 yards seems like an impossible task, but our shooters were up to it.

Production Class:
First Place - Ray Holzworth - 201/325
Second Place - Chris Atkinson - 181/325
Consolation -Ted Rogers

Custom Class:
First Place - Niles Deden - 305/325
Second Place - Robert Gillis - 298/325
Consolation - Pat Stewart

Congratulations to Pat Stewart!  Her gun was border line between the two classes. She decided to shoot Custom. Her score of 241 would have won the Production Class.

Thank you to Bob and Kathy Barnett for scoring.
Thank you to Sue Deden for doing registration.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

.22lr shoot Saturday morning

Tim Smith says Saturday is going to be 83 degrees.
We are planning a .22 long rifle shoot at da Range Saturday morning. Registration and bakery at 9:00.
Trigger ready at 9:30.

Two Classes:
1) Stock production gun and scope under $700 msrp retail.
2) Custom gun and scope over $700.

Entry Fee: $10.  The usual 60/30/10 payback for each class.

Firing Postion: either bench rest or prone / shooters choice.

Distance: 25 yards all targets.

Round Count: 75. Bring lots of ammo.

Stage 1: Black Death Challenge
     Paper target. 35 rounds. 100 points.

Stage 2: KYL Steel Targets
     Three times shooting 8 targets.
      Missing a target stops the string.
      5 points each target.  120 points max

Stage 3: Tootsie Pop suckers
      5 suckers, 5 shots total
       10 points each sucker
       50 points max

Stage 4: Mystery Targets
      5 targets, 5 shots total
      10 points each target severed
       50 points max

If you have a rimfire rifle, bring it down and shoot Saturday morning. Two classes should separate the reasonably priced guns from the crazy priced guns. 25 yards should be close enough to give the 4x to 9x scopes a fighting chance.

We are looking for a fun shoot. Come and compete, or come and watch.  Guests of members are welcome to compete.

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Basic Pistol Class

 da Range is offering a basic pistol class to Villagers and Bentsen Palm Guests. This class is designed for those with little or no firearm handling experience, or those who are rusty and would like a refresher.
The class is two sessions: first session is a classroom, the second is live fire at the range.  

More information is available on the range blog.  

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Basic Pistol Class Instruction - February 22 & March 01

Dates:         February 22 & March 01, 09:30am to 12:00p
Location:  3903 Pelican Way
Instructors:  Bonnie Fogg & Niles Deden, NRA Certified Pistol Instructors

The Basic Pistol introduction class is designed for the newest of shooters, one who has never shot a gun, or it’s been so long a refresher is needed!.  This class follows the NRA Basic Pistol course and includes classroom and range time with live fire.  

The class is held in two sessions.   
The first class will be about 3 hours of presentation.  
The second class will be at the range with live fire, about 2 hours. 

At the end of the class you will understand how your handgun functions, the range commands and how to safely handle any pistol. This class will provide hands-on training to provide an excellent foundation for the beginning handgun shooter.

Shooters will be introduced to:  
    • Firearm and range safety
    • Understand range commands and procedures to follow
    • Fundamentals including determination of dominant eye, assuming proper two-handed grip,
    • Demonstrating the five fundamentals of pistol shooting, including sight picture, sight alignment, trigger pull and breath control
    • How to operate your firearm: loading, how to operate the slide or cylinder, cocking, de-cocking, unloading
    • Range and live fire will include safely shooting a target from the bench rest and the two-handed standing position.
Cost is $50 for the 2 sessions

Required :  Eye and ear protection (available), a properly functioning pistol, 50+ rounds of ammunition.  A pistol/range bag are required.  
A current and signed Range Waiver form

For the classroom - Coffee/donuts will be served. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

da Range Money Jan 2018

I have attached the gun range finance report for the month of January.

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