Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Frozen trigger finger?

Did your trigger finger freeze last night? Cheer up, it is supposed to be 85 degrees on Sunday. We only have to get thru the next 4 days.

Cabin fever? Go up to Shooters Alley to get some trigger time and some lunch. They start serving food at 11:30. The hamburger is great.

Bored? I attached an article about clearing jams in your handguns.

The Mabel balance is down to $365.

Remember the swap meet at the Retama Clubhouse patio Saturday morning at 9:00 am.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ruger Precision .22lr

JD at Shooters Alley has three Ruger Precision bolt action .22 rifles coming in this week. These rifles are a new design that was just released 10 days ago.
They are on an allocation basis and very scarce.

One gun is mine. The other two are up for grabs. I'm guessing $425 to $450. If you are interested, contact JD.

Basic Pistol Instruction

The next basic pistol class has been set, if interested see below.

Dates:  February 8 & 15th, 2018 start 09:30am to 12:00p
Location:  3903 Pelican Way
Instructors:  Bonnie Fogg & Niles Deden, NRA Certified Pistol Instructors

The Basic Pistol introduction class is designed for the newest of shooters, one who has never shot a gun, or it's been so long a refresher is needed!.  This class follows the NRA Basic Pistol course and includes classroom and range time with live fire. 

The class is held in two sessions.   The first class will be about 3 hours of presentation.  The second class will be at the range with live fire, about 2 hours. At the end of the class you will understand how your handgun functions, the range commands and how to safely handle any pistol. This class will provide hands-on training to provide an excellent foundation for the beginning handgun shooter.

Shooters will be introduced to:  

    • Firearm and Range safety
    • Understand range commands and procedures to follow
    • Fundamentals including determination of dominant eye, assuming proper two-handed grip,
    • Demonstrating the five fundamentals of pistol shooting, including sight picture, sight alignment, trigger pull and breath controlHow to operate your firearm: loading, how to operate the slide or cylinder, cocking, de-cocking, unloading
    • Range and live fire will include safely shoot a target from the bench rest and the two-handed standing position.

Cost is $50 for the 2 sessions

Required :  Eye and ear protection (available), a properly functioning pistol, 50+ rounds of ammunition.  A pistol/range bag are required.  
A current and signed Range Waiver form
For the classroom - Coffee/donuts will be served. 

Do not have a pistol? We have loaners.

Class is limited to 8.

For information :  Bonnie Fogg  630.688.3594 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Funding Mabel

When we purchased the storage container (which Bonnie named Mabel) we decided not to use gun range funds because that large purchase would have used most of our budget for the year.  Instead, we decided to fund the purchase with private, individual donations.  

We paid $2050 to have Mabel delivered to the gun range.  Volunteers did the cleanup and painting with donated supplies.  We did purchase some shelving with gun range money.  

To date, we have received $1585 in cash donations.  We have a balance owed of $465.  We are going to try to pay off that balance this week.

Mabel serves her purpose very well.  The clay throwers and the clays are stored there.  The NRA targets and other free targets are stored inside.  The KYL and NRL22 steel targets are safely stored inside. All in all, Mabel is working very well.

Now that we are in the final push to getting her paid for, would you consider making a donation please.

You can contact:
Bonnie Fogg                       (630) 688-3594
Pat Stewart                        (505) 577-8147
Mark Hall                             (817) 991-6151
Niles Deden                       (651) 380-9112

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Swap Meet

'da RANGE SWAP MEET - Saturday Jan 20

This week we are focusing on 'da Range Swap meet. 
This is our third swap meet, we have lots of product, but need buys, so tell your Valley friends to come!  Yes, we are open to the public.

Time to find your gear, even if it's one piece, used equipment can be another person treasure, so consider swapping/selling it.  Have a half box of unused ammo, holsters, targets, t-shirts — anything that relates to shooting will be allowed.

Attached you will find a form, each item submitted must have a tag.  The tag includes the best detail of the item, price, and your name.  Be reasonable with your pricing.

The swap will have 3 sections:  

FIREARMS:  must arrive unloaded.  Firearms will be locked or tie strapped.  There will be a check in process, so be ready.  Magazines must be empty.  There will be no ammo with firearms, they will be displayed/sold separately.

FREE:  Just want to get rid of something?  We have a free section, fill out a tag.

You have a lot of items to sell? we will set up your own table.  Have one item?  Fill out a tag, we will add your item to the selling table - tags required.


Saturday morning, we will be begin setting up at 8:30.  Help with setting up tables
Coffee and donuts will be served.
Those who have one item, once its tag, you can leave it on the table, our cashier will collect money and hold the money.  

Cannot be at the meet but have items to sell? Drop off with Niles/Bonnie, with the completed tag.  

9:00 - 11:00 SELLING and trading begins. 
We ask buyers to bring small change, so selling is easier.

How long will the event last, we don't know. It will depend on how many buyers we have, what's being sold, the number of buyers  …..  it might last 30 minutes or a hour.

We need someone to handle the coffee service - and clean up.

Check in:  Niles will handle the firearm check in, we could use another to help with the 'other items' check in.

Clean up — Anyone who wishes to hang around and help with any clean up and tables is welcomed!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Saturday Shootout Results

Saturday morning was a perfect day to be on a gun range - sunny, warm, and no wind.
Perfect!  We had about a dozen shooters turnout. Thank you.

Jim Jackson won $10 for being the high score first time contestant.

Men's Rimfire: Ross Anderson 1st, Ted Rogers 2nd, Dennis Duford cons.

Men's Centerfire: Don Peoples 1st, Craig Wendell 2nd, Robert Gillis cons.

Ladies Rimfire: Coleen Wendell 1st, Billie Oth 2nd.

Ladies Centerfire: Lee Ann Wagner 1st, Michele Schram 2nd. This was Lee Ann's first competition. Congratulations!

For the Mystery Shoot, we shot clay targets at 7 yards. Colleen Wendell and Don Peoples both hit all 5 clays. We moved the targets to 11 yards. Don beat Colleen 3 to 2.
Good shooting, both of you.

Thank you to Bob and Kathy Barnett for scoring the targets.

Thank you to Billie Oth and Sue Deden for doing the registration and the prizes.

Thank you to Bonnie Fogg for being the RSO and keeping us all safe.

Thank you to our shooters. It was a good day.

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Thanks to Ross Anderson

Thank you to Ross Anderson for donating two tickets to the Woodshop Pork BBQ diner coming up on Sunday, January 21st at 4:00 pm. The cost of a ticket is $17.50.
Ross has tickets for sale.

We had a drawing at the shootout Saturday morning. Jim Jackson from Bentsen Palm was the happy winner of the two tickets.