Saturday, December 31, 2016

Coffee Shoot

About 30 people came down to shoot this morning in the damp.  Thanks to Judy & David McGavic for buying the Santa Fe donuts.

Next event is the Wild Bunch action pistol shoot Wednesday evening, 7:00 pm, at Shooters Alley. $15.00.
This is a beginners group.
.22 pistols are fine. No holster is necessary. Targets are scored for accuracy and speed.
Come and shoot. Come and watch. Come and have dinner - best burgers in the Valley!

Friday is the Marksmanship group at 10:00 am. Forecast for Friday is cold and rain, so the group decided to shoot indoors at Shooters Alley. Tony and Jim will be there to score targets. If you don't have SA membership,  Friday will cost $15. They have 10 lanes, so we should be able to shoot a lot of targets. Stay and enjoy lunch.

Shooters Alley is located on 2 Mile Road, between Conway and Los Ebanos. South side of 2 Mile and next to feed store.

How to properly hold a gun

The attached photo courtesy of Point Blank Gun Range. It's a good photo to save.

Remember, donuts at da Range at 10:00 this morning. Just a fun shoot. Bring your coffee and your guns.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

2 Reminders

1) Marksmanship program - Tony Knitter will be at the gun range Friday morning at 10:00 to accept plates and hand out AP-2 targets.
Bonnie and Jack will explain the third level.

2) Saturday morning coffee shot. Judy McGavic is using some of her prize money to buy donuts Saturday morning. Bring your coffee, guns, and a lot of ammo for fun shooting. 10:00 am at the range.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Markmanship Shoot Friday 10:00 am

Tony Knitter is back from Christmas visits and is planning a plate shoot on Friday at 10:00

1) If you want to be part of the Markmanship program and haven't started yet, come on down Friday.

2) Have plates to turn in? You can do that on Friday.

3) If you have plates to shoot, Friday is the day.

4) Pat Stewart has received 600 AP-2 targets. A pdf of the target is attached. Note the point scoring on the pdf.

5) On Friday, the team will give you a preview on how to shoot and score the AP-2 target. (We will do the same program the first Friday in January) Some of our shooters want to move faster into the higher levels, so this Friday gives you a chance to pickup targets and do just that. Also with 30+ shooters, we need to spread people out a little.

The team will talk about a pair of targets. A pair of targets is one target shot strong hand and one target shot weak hand. A pair of targets should be shot in one session. But pairs can be spread out over multiple sessions. (You don't have to shoot all five pairs at the same time.)

Can't come on Friday? No problem, the program is designed for you to shoot at your own pace.

The next four levels require you to shoot with a two handed grip, weak hand on the trigger.
You should practice shooting weak hand. Those that do it say it is not as hard as is sounds. The team will talk about weak hand grip on Friday.

Thanks for all the interest you have shown in the NRA Marksmanship Program.

Questions?  Talk to:
Tony Knitter - Co-Team Leader
Jim Hinrichs - Co-Team Leader
Bonnie Fogg - Instructor
Jack Mayer - Instructor

Friday, December 23, 2016

Rifle shoot Monday the 26th

Just a reminder that the next Retama Range rifle shoot is Monday, December 26th at 10:00 am at the range.
Only 3 shooters showed up last time.
Have rifle, Will shoot!

See you there!

Want to try something new?

This could be a lot of fun!  If you are planning on attending please let Bonnie know, she'd like to give them a head count of the Retama Wild Bunch attending!

.22LR Marksmen Challenge RGV Workshop
January 7th, 2017
Coyote Arms Shooting Range : 8600 Big Five Edinburg, Texas
Starts at 10:00AM

What to bring:
.22LR Rifle with a scope and a bipod :
 2-3 Magazines : 
Don't have anything but willing to try this type of shooting?? We will have rifles that you can try so that you can shoot stages. Ammo must be purchased at the premises as these rifles are zeroed for this particular ammo.

We will set up stages we normally shoot on our regular matches so everyone can give it a try. You will be shooting at paper, cards, toothpick, match sticks and steel targets. Plate rack small: 1/4" to 2" and medium: 1/2" to 4" and hopefully large: 2" to 8" and from 25 yards to 100 yards. Shooting position from prone, sitting, standing, off a prop like a barrel, ramp and table.

The workshop is free and everyone is welcome.

Please bring eye and ear protection.
If you have any questions please feel free to email at

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Shotgun shoot

The shotgun shoot on Tues 12/27 is cancelled – going fishing. 

See y’all next year. Gary

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Marksmanship Shooters

Pat has ordered 600 AP-2 targets. These targets are used for the last level three. You do not need to find your own targets. We will let you know when they arrive.

Shoot safe!

Friday, December 16, 2016


The start of the Marksmanship Program last Tuesday was very busy. About 30 shooters attended. It's still not to late to participate.
Thanks to Jim Hinrichs and Tony Knitter for being team leaders.

Saturday morning,Dec 17, there is a shootout at the range.  $5.00 per target. 10:00 am start.

Tueday, Dec 20 is a range registration at the clubhouse if you haven't watched the video and picked up your range passes.

Check out all the shooting activities on the range calendar on the gun range blog!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Rifle Shooting

The rifle shooting program got off to a foggy and damp start this morning with only 3 shooters. Now we know who is tough.

Thanks to Tom Altwine for being team leader, and to Jim Carson and Jim Wakenell for coming down.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Shotgun shoot

Because of the Village Meeting we need to move the Tues 12/13 shoot to 1:00 PM.

Gary Scoffield

Marksmanship Program

Good morning!

Weather is looking great for Tuesday and the start of our Markmanship Program.  We will start shooting after the community meeting, probably around 11am.  If you arrive a bit later thats okay, arrive a bit early - that's okay too. 

We suggest bringing at least 50 rounds for the first level of shooting.  Targets are provided.
We will also provide a hand out of the programs course of fire.

We found some videos about the program, and published them on our blog.  Not sure if you want to get involved in this program? Check out the videos.  We also linked a pdf of the course of fire which describes the different levels. 
The highest level is Distinguished Expert let's see if anyone reaches this level!

Markmanship Program

It's rainy day and  I found a series of videos on youtube which explains the NRA Winchester Markmanship program.

This is a self-paced shooting program available in all calibers of pistols and revolvers.
For our first shoot please bring at least 50 rounds.

We will provide the paper plates.

Enjoy the videos.

Video 1:  Link   What the Winchester / NRA Markmanship program is about

Video 2:  Beginning Video   Overview of the program.

Video 3:  Link    Shooting Markmanship Pro level, rating

Video 4:   Link    Actually shooting the Markmanship First Class Level

NRA Program, PDF.  A handout will be provided on our first shooting.

Safe shooting.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Breaking News

Here is a bright spot for an otherwise dreary day - Bonnie has added a monthly calendar to the Retama range blog.

The link to the calendar is right under the picture at the top of the blog page.

Note on the calendar that the Marksmanship Program start time has been moved back to 11:00 to avoid conflict with the community meeting. If the meeting runs long, you will be fine getting  to the range by 11:30.

The link to the blog is: 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Marksmanship Reschuled Dec 13

The Marksmanship Program originally scheduled for Friday morning has been rescheduled for Tuesday, December 13th at 11:00 am at the range. Tuesday will be a much nicer day weather wise.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gun Range Events December

December's calendar means our shooting programs are beginning ….  we have some new programs, so please read on!

Dec 6: Shotgun Shooting 10A.  If you haven't been down, you need to see the reconfiguration of the shotgun area.  Mark Hall donated a new thrower and the shotgunners are beginning to look pretty darn good.   

Dec 7: Winter Texan Wild Bunch! 7pm Shooters Alley $15,  This is the first night of the season, and everyone is welcome to try out action pistol shooting.  It's easy and it's fun and your shooting will improve.  Come for dinner, they serve the best burgers in the Valley!

DATE: Change:  Dec 13 - 11am:  
Dec 9 : Markmanship Program Starts 10Am   This program is new this year and designed to improve your pistol shooting skills.  The group will meet once a month and will follow the NRA Markmanship Program.  First targets will be 10 paper plates with 5 shots in each —Men and ladies.  We will explain the program and targets will be provided each month.  Did we mention this is FREE!

Dec 10:  Steel Shooting  Coyote Arms, Big Five Road, Edinburg. $10  We have steel plates now at our range, so practice up and join us for a fun morning of timed steel shooting.  Some shooters are slow … thats the best way to start.  Your eye and hand coordination skill will improve with shooting steel!  Let's car pool!  
Dec 12:  Rifle Begins! 10A  Yep, find that 'ol' trusty rifle, dust it off and find the ammo — we will be shooting rifle.  Targets are provided.

Dec 13:  Shotgun shooting 10A.  Come down and watch … it's pretty amazing stuff they do!

Dec 14: Ladies Morning  Wednesdays! 10A (new day)  Ladies will meet every other Wednesday, a new day of the week.  This is time to keep the hubby at home and ask the gals for help.  We giggle and laugh, and at the end of the morning you will probably have learned something too.

Dec 14: Winter Texan Wild Bunch 7pm Shooters Alley, $15.  Try it, you might like it!  We shoot 2-3 sets of targets, there is a little movement, and yes, its a challenge but the staff at Shooters Alley make sure you come out a winner!  Come early for dinner - its delicious.

Dec 17:  Pistol Challenge Shoot-out  10A  @ the range.  Targets $5 each with a $1 mystery shoot.  Lunch included for badge holders.

Dec 20:  Gun Range Registration:  9:30A @ club house.  

Shotgun shooting 10A. Yep, they shoot every Tuesday morning!  What fun!

Dec. 28: Ladies Only Morning 10A  Ladies only in the morning and there will be something new to learn.  Come join us, we have fun!

Dec 31: Just Shoot!   9:30   Yep it's an early start - but come when you want.  Bring your coffee - we have the donuts, until they run out! We are justing shooting because we can!. 

In January we will hold the Swap Meet.  Last season we had a great turn out of items for sale — we need the buyers for this to be a success!  Mark your calendar!

We will begin the rusty shooters morning and for those wanting to shoot steel we will have some training sessions, plus another registration day and some new programs that are going to be excellent.

Keep checking our blog for more updates

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Rifles at da Range begins Dec 12th

Monday Dec. 12th. Rifles at da Range. 10:00 AM, weather permitting. 

Tom Altwine is heading up the rifle shooting …   So, dig out the old favorite rifle out from under the bed and dust her off. 
Then! Try and find that box of ammo that you know you put somewhere! (If only I can remember where I stashed it.)  

We are shooting centerfire and rim fire, any type of sights. 

This will be a "Hope I can at least punch a hole in that piece of paper somewhere, type of shoot."  

Pretty informal except for the range safety rules.😜

Plan to come, have some fun, and a laugh or two!
Spectators are welcome to come and laugh WITH us!😀

Hope to see you there!  If you cannot make it, we will be meeting every other week, so check our range blog for more updates.

Hope to see you there!  
Tom Altwine

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Markmanship Shooting Program Begins - December 9, Friday 10A

Let the season begin!  This one is going to be fun!

We begin the Markmanship shooting program!

The perfect self-paced shooting activity to help develop your skills and reward your achievements.  We will be following  the NRA Markmanship Program. This is the perfect shooting activity to help develop your skills and reward your achievements. There is no competition, no timer and no winners — everyone becomes a winner when they improve their shooting.

This is an ongoing program, shooting throughout the winter season.  The first Friday of each month shooters will meet to submit their targets, receive the next months shooting level, receive shooting instruction and perhaps have a big smile on their results.

Any semi-automatic pistol or revolver may be used.  All calibers compete together. Multiple pistol calibers allowed.
This is a FREE program.  No preregistration required, be ready by 10A.  Targets will be provided. Explanation of the program will be detailed.  

What to Bring, at least 50 rounds.

More info:  Bonnie Fogg 630-688-3594
Coordinators:  Jim Hinrichs and Tony Knitter, both live on Pelican Way.

Pistols and Revolvers
Any semi-automatic pistol or revolver may be used.  All calibers compete together. Multiple pistol calibers allowed.

Any sights may be used. Exception, any sight that projects an image onto the target.

The conventional "bullseye" pistol qualification is fired from the standing position.  Two handed or benchrest.

An AP-1 or AP-2 target will be provided for this program.  Please print your name and the shooting date, distance on each submitted target.

Shots per Target:
10 shots per target are fired. If scoring becomes too difficult, shooters have the option of using two targets and firing five shots on each.  50 rounds.

Records:  Jim & Tony will maintain qualification records.
Instructions:  Limited instruction will be provided. 

Our first shooting Level requirement will be:  

Position:  Benchrest, two hands. Distance: 15 feet.
Target:    Paper plates or paper disks (nine-inch diameter).
Time:   No restrictions.
Course of Fire and Rating Requirements: Shoot 10 plates with five shots on each plate. All shots must be inside a half-inch margin from the edge of the plate. The 10 plates do not have to be fired in succession or on the same day.
Inside 1/2" Margin on Plate.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Wednesday Action Shoot

We are going to have an action shoot the first two Wednesdays in December, Dec 7 and Dec 14.

Beginning action shooters are very welcome. You can shoot .22's. You do not need a holster. An extra mag or two would be helpful.

Bring your gun, glasses, hearing protection and about 100 rounds of ammo. Please be trigger ready by 7:00 pm. Cost is $15 per shooter.

If you are uncertain, come and watch for a while.
 Spectators are welcome.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Shootout Results

We had about 30 shooters and guests down at the gun range. The weather was just about perfect.
Thank you to Mark Hall for cooking bratwurst.
Thanks to Kathy and Bob Barnett for being our scorers.
Thanks to Sue Deden and Colleen Wendell for doing registration.
The RO thanks our shooters for making his job easy. Ya'll were safe shooters. We had expected some issues at the first shootout, but you were perfect!

Mark Hall won $10 for best newbie pistol.

Ladies open sight was Joann Carson first, Pat Stewart second.
Ladies red dot sight was Linda Hall first and Billie Oth second.  Linda now shoots with Billie from Mexico.  Billie actually brought her passport to the shootout.

Men's open sight was Mark Hall first and a 5 way tie for second. Gary Maybe, Don C, Moshe, Brett Ewer, and Bruce Hall had a shootout for second place money. Brett hit nine out of ten pins to win.

Men's red dot was Dennis Duford first and Don Peoples second.

The Mystery Shoot was shooting five clay shotgun targets. Joann Carson hit all five.

Thank you all for a great day of shooting!

Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Shootout Saturday

Just a reminder that our first shootout is tomorrow  (Saturday) morning at 10:00.

We will be shooting at a paper bowling pin target. Ten pins - ten shots. The person who hits the most pins wins.  The cost is $5.00 per target. You can buy multiple targets.

You can shoot red dots, but no scopes with magnification.

We will have a special cash prize  ($10) for high score for a first time shooter, someone who hasn't shot in one of our contests before.

You will shoot this year from the distance you shot last year. If you finished last year at 11 yards, you start this year at 11 yards.  Billie, bring your passport . 

Dortha and Mark Hall will be cooking bratwurst for lunch. Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage and your lawn chair.

Be sure to sign up for the mystery shoot. The best dollar you will ever spend.

See you all on Saturday!

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden 
(651) 380-9112

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Shotgun shoot

Because of a schedule conflict the shoot next week has been moved to Monday 11/21 at 10:00 AM. We will be back on schedule on Tues. 11/29  at 10:00 AM

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shotgun updates

The sun is finally out and this morning the shotgun shooters have tested out their new layout.  They will be meeting at 10A every Tuesday, if interested contact Gary Scoffield or Mark Hall.

Mark donated a battery operated thrower, he built a 4-wheel dolly to help with the moving to and from the range — it looks like its working quite well.  Its great to have Mark back, he has been away for a couple of years and is a great addition to our range community.

With the new configuration of the shotgun course, we are able to shoot pistol and shotgun at the same time. Shotgun will have their set of range commands.  The ladies were down at the range this morning and didn't experience any conflict with the two sections shooting simultaneously. 

The trauma medical kit has been painted orange and permantly installed at the bag bench, there is a paddock lock on the box.  the lockbox code is 911, this should be simple to remember.  Again, this is an emergency, gun shot wound trauma kit, you will not find band-aides inside this box.  

We want to remind everyone about our range blog.  This blog will keep our updated calendar, announcements and of course photos.  We have classified section for the selling of gun related equipment - there are some great guns for sale!.

We suggest creating a bookmark on your computer.  Check it out at 

Don't forget we have a range registration Tuesday Nov 22. starting at 9:30 … arrive early and stay for both videos.  
And, we have our first shoot out Saturday, after Thanksgiving, 10A.

Monday, November 14, 2016

For sale: Reloading supplies

.308 Winchester/7.62 NATO and .38/.357 Lee Hand Press and Dies for both for sale. 
Includes a Lee powder measure set. (Missing one spoon) and chamfering tool.
Would like $50.

Hand Press new @ Amazon is about $33.00 to $46.00

Die sets run right at $35 to$55 each.

Chamfering/deburring tool about $5 to $20.

Powder measure kit about $10.

Jim Kyes 
2113 Kingfisher Ln

Friday, November 11, 2016

Shotgun shoot

First shotgun shoot is set for 11/15 at 1000

Thanks to all the great workers for their efforts & skills in getting the range ready for this season. 
Gary Scoffield 

Veteran's Day Update

Thank you to all our Veterans!

Last Saturday we had about 50 members watch the combination of old safety video and new safety video. Bonnie does a great job on these videos.

You won't recognize the gun range, it is looking so good!

1) Thanks to the Rhodes crew for mowing the entire field. Nothing looks as neat as a fresh mower job.
2) Thanks to Mark Hall.  He turned the shotgun range counter clockwise so that the shotguns are shooting east while the pistols are shooting south.  We hope that this will allow the shotguns and the pistols to shoot at the same time with separate range commands.       The shotgun group will shoot Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am
3) Thanks to Larry Oth, Tony Knitter, Mark Hall, and Bonnie Fogg. This afternoon we rebuilt the pistol target stands and replaced the foam target backers. We added two 11 yard targets and one 15 yard target.
4) We rebuilt the 25 yard rifle target. The 50 yard target gets rebuilt Saturday.

We put roofing nails in the top of the foam backers for you to use to fasten your paper targets. Staples won't stick in the foam. Please put the nails back on top of the foam when you take your targets down.

Tom Altwine is working on a rifle shootout.

The first pistol shootout is Saturday, November 26th.

We have scheduled the next gun range sign up for November 22nd. First time members come at 9:30. Previous members come at 10:15.

Shoot Safe!
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Gun Range Registration Date Change

Yep, we need to make a date change due to a conflict.

The November 14 registration is being moved to November 22, Tuesday.  We will be set up by 9am, safety video starts at 9:30.

The second safety video will start at 10:15.

Hope to see you then,
Shoot safe

Monday, November 7, 2016

Re: Fwd: Long Rifle shooting at Da' Range

Good Morning Range Shooters!

I've purchased some specialty tools to customize the S&W MP 15-22.  These tools allow for the removal of the factory handguard allowing for modification to different handguard configuration from free floating to 2 piece style.  

If interested feel free to contact me about this & any other pistol or rifle concerns or questions.

Alex Gonzales III

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Long Rifle shooting at Da' Range

For those of you who are not here yet, or have not attended the sign-up/video meeting yet, a little update. My name is Tom Altwine. I am going to head up or organize the rifle shooting at our range this season. I would welcome any input you would like to share on this subject. Some questions I have for you would be:

How often would you want these shoots,  i.e. Once a month, bi-weekly, weekly?

Just for fun, competition, or a mix?

Maybe some 25/50 yd charcoal or 100 yd steel?

What groups would you be interested in: rim fire with iron sights, or optical.    Or
Center fire, with iron sights or optical? Or both?

Any interest in 300 yards?

Any interest in a women's only, men's only shooting day?

Any other ideas or suggestions, or comments?

If you will make a list of your answers (in the above order) I will compile them and get going on the most popular groups first. My goal is to make something available for everyone though.
The quicker I get your list of interests, the quicker I will get something going, hopefully that you will like and enjoy!
You can text me or heck, just give me a call.  307-214-0423 .  If I am not home, leave me a message and I'll get back to you.

Oh yeah, one more thing:  GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!!
Tom Altwine

Monday, October 31, 2016

November Gun Range Registration

It's November, and time to start the formal activities at the gun range.  The range passes you received last year expire this month, so the first order of business is gun range registration.

The first registration is Saturday, November 5th.  The second registration will be Monday, November 14.  The location will be the Retama Clubhouse.  Each day has two times.  The first session at 9:30 am is for folks who have not watched the safety video before.  This is the "Newbies" group.  You will watch the original safety video.
The second session at 10:15 is for old hands who have watched the original video at least once.  Bonnie has produced a new video called "Advanced Technique and Safety" which builds on what you already know.  Newbies are invited to stay and watch the second video.

Shooting at the Gun Range  requires all shooters to watch a gun range safety video, sign the range waiver and pay an annual maintenance fee/donation of $35 for individual or $50 for family and their guests.

Shooting at our gun range is a privilege granted by Mike Rhodes on his property. It is not a right.  Eight years ago, we started shooting at a dirt pile.  Shooting was informal and free.  Today we are approaching 150 shooters. Safety has become our prime concern.  In eight years, we have not had anyone get hurt on the range.  We work very hard to continue a safe shooting environment.

We have heard complaints that our range is becoming too structured - that there are too many rules.  Safety comes from structure.  We follow NRA safety rules and range guidelines.  The rules we have are the same rules you will find in any gun range in any state in the US.  We want you to be safe on our range and we want you to be safe at Shooters Alley, Point Blank, or at any other commercial range.

Bonnie, Jack, and I have completed the NRA Basic Pistol Instruction course and we are certified as Range Safety Officers by the NRA.  With this training comes an obligation to help keep fellow shooters safe.  We are not policemen, we are safety officers.  If someone talks to you about something that you could be doing safer, do NOT be offended.  Learn from the experience and move forward.

A lot of times, we do something unsafe not because we don't know better, but because we are thinking about something else.  Let me give you an example:
Two weeks ago I was shooting at a gun range in Burnsville, MN with some classmates.  One of the classmates was a forty year old female Air Force pilot.  She has had a lot of military gun training.  However, in the middle of the outer lobby of the gun range, she pulls her pistol out of her gun bag and fiddles with it next to 20 people.  She was thinking about something else.
My point is, anyone can do something unsafe at times. If you get called on a safety issue, learn from it, move forward, and shoot another day.

A note about the range fee: none of the range fee money goes to pay any person.  All of the work done connected to the range is done by volunteers.  Volunteers, thank you very much for your help.

This year we are going to move the shotgun area further to the east and rotate the shooting more towards the camera tower to put more separation between the shotguns and the pistols.  Mark Hall is back this year and will be helping Gary Scofield and Ted Rogers.

We are going to move one 7 yard target to the east and add a second 11 yard pistol target.

We are going to move the steel targets from the east side on the rifle range to the west side of the rifle range. Tom Altwine will be the team leader for rifle activities.

Our big project is to put a fabric sun shade over the shooting benches.

This gun range email goes out to all our shooters from last season.  If you are not going to be here this year or want to be dropped from the group, please email me direct at

Shoot Safe,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hey Neighbors ..... We have a classified section

One of our shooting neighbors has some nice pistols to sell ...  its worth a peek to see what Jim has to offer.

Heres the link to the details:

Ruger 22/45 Lite Semi-Auto Rimfire Pistol - Blue 

Smith & Wesson M&P9 Pro Series Semi-Auto Pistol 

Other members! Have items to add to the classifieds?  Just email me!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

2016 Registration. November 5th-Saturday & November 14 Monday (date change!!))

We sure hope everyone had a great summer!  And as you head south to return to Retama Village and Bentsen Palm Village we wanted to share some important dates.


Shooting at the Gun Range requires all Villagers to watch a gun range safety video, sign the range waiver and pay an annual maintenance fee/donation of $35 for individual or $50 for family and their guests. 

Range passes will be issued throughout the morning registrations.

There are two sign up times:  The 9:30A is those who are new to the range, they will view the Range Safety Video.  

The second sign up at 10:15am is for badge holders who have seen the safety video two or more times.  Badge holders who have been shooting at the range more than 2 years will view the new “Range Techniques and Safety Video” which highlights in more details gun safety and techniques.  

Range Badges will be issued.

Registration Times:
*  9:30am  First time registrations will watch our “Safety Video “, runs 25 minutes.
*  10:15am  For returning shooters a new video "Advanced Technique and Safety” video, runs 27 minutes.

All shooters are welcome to watch both videos

Please bring correct change to speed up the registration process. 
Cash is preferred.  And please, use your 'library' voices when the video is being shown.

First Gun Range Shoot out of the Season!

November 26, Saturday  10:00am
Niles has had all summer to think of new targets — so this event is sure to be exciting.  And, yes, we will have a Mystery Shoot.
$5 per target - 100% payout.
Badge holders will enjoy a tasty lunch.
New to the range - come and check it out.  Spectators are welcomed!  Bring a chair and your beverage.  Ear protection required.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fwd: Email blast

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The early morning drizzle didn't stop this group from shooting Saturday morning, excellent turnout of those remaining residence.

Two sets of targets with awesome shooting by everyone. ....  Well, almost everyone... At least by those who turned in their targets !!

Coffee cake started the shootout..  We shot darts and dots. Women shooters took the sweep, Sue Deden, Bonnie and Joanne.  

Check out da range tshirt. Bonnie still has men sizes available. Will replenish supplies in the fall. 

Congratulations to Bonnie! She is now a NRA certified pistol instructor and a NRA certified Range Officer.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Shootout Saturday April 16

Summer Texans, Bonnie is bored and wants to shoot something. She is planning a shootout for those left in Retama for 9:00 am, Saturday morning, April 16.
Note the 9:00 am start.

She is looking for a target with an IRS theme. Maybe you will pay a lot in and get nothing back! Bob and Kathy will be there to audit your targets.
Bring bullets and Coffee!

The steel targets have been picked up to keep them safe and are in Gregs coach house. You can still take them to the range to use them. Just ask Bonnie.

22 degrees in Minnesota this morning. Shooting in Texas sounds like a good option.

Shoot safe,

Friday, April 1, 2016

March Gun Range Finance Report

March 2016 Gun Range Finance Report


$807.21 Balance on Hand February 29, 2016


$ 50.00 Donation from Bob & Kathy Barnett

$ 20.00 Range Fee

$558.00 Range Dinner Ticket Sales

$454.00 Range T-shirt Sales


$1,082.00 Income for March



$    7.94 Office Max for Green Shooting Cards at Dinner

$     6.40 Range Dinner Dessert

$356.22 Door Prize Drawing – S&W .22 Victory

$     5.00 FFL Transfer Fee

$   24.95 Range Dinner Paper Supplies

$359.00 Range Dinner Brisket from Rudy's

$  84.00   Range Dinner Costco for Corn & Beans

$763.70 da Range T-Shirts

$1607.21 Expenses for March


$525.21 Expense over Income for March


$282.00 Balance on Hand March 31, 2016

Notes to the March finance report:

1) If you do the math, you will see that the Gun Range Dinner showed a profit of $75.21.  Please note that Ell and Pat Stewart made and donated all the cole slaw, and that Donna and Ted Rogers made all the brownies for dessert for a cost of $6.40. The potatoes were donated from Toppa Hoppa.

2) The "da Range" t-shirts show a loss of $309.70. Note that about 20 shirts were given away as door prizes at the dinner and that we have shirts in inventory which we will offer for sale in the fall. (if you want one now, email Bonnie)

3) The polyfoam target backers seem to be working much better than the wooden 6x6. We will order some more of these in April for use next fall.  That purchase should pretty much zero out our account.

++++ The project that we wanted to accomplish this season was caliche on the dirt road.  Thanks to the Rhodes family, we now have a road that we can drive on if it rains.  The project we are thinking about next year is a sun shade over part or all of the shooting tables.

Thank you to all "da Range" members and friends for a great season!

Shoot safe,

Niles Deden

(651) 380-9112




Friday, March 25, 2016

Levee update

Bonnie talked to the National Guard on the levee and brought them treats. The Guard said that there has been a lot of activity along the levee the past two days - more than normal.

For our own safety and to keep us out of their way, the Guard recommends that we enter the range from the east, past the Harper Farm camera. We can either drive on the levee from the east or drive in on the dirt road from the east if the dirt road isn't mud.

For the time being, it would seem to make sense NOT to go to the range ALONE. Remember that if you see anyone at the range without a range pass, call 911 and report a trespasser at Harper Farm. Don't  forget to wear YOUR range pass.

Take the Guard treats and shoot safe,

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National Guard

Sue Kyes has said that the National Guard is requesting that pedestrians stay off the levee for safety reasons due to a number of high speed chases.

This request does not affect us driving down to the range directly, but it should be a heads up to watch for traffic and to expect questions from the Guard.

I suggest wearing your gun range passes while driving to and from the range. The Guard probably do not know about the range so we might have to explain where we are going.

Donuts, cookies, and brownies help with the explanation in my experience .

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

da Range t shirts

Hi All,

You saw them at the da Range dinner and they were given as prizes. . . .  the new 'da Range T-shirts!
To make sure everyone has an opportunity to purchase a shirt we are planning on a 'garage' sale.  Friday from 1-3p stop by Bonnie's house,  3903 Pelican Way.
We have plenty of men and ladies sizes available.

Pat & Bonnie will have a pitcher of margarita's which will certainly make shopping a little easier.

See you then!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Congratulations to Bret Ewer

Bret is the new owner of the Smith and Wesson .22 Victory pistol. Thanks to JD Carerra and Nick I for doing the drawing for us.

We had over 80 members and guests join us for dinner and door prizes. There was a lot of cheering and booing during this year's version of the gun range video. Thanks to Bonnie for a great production.

Thanks to all the cooks and helpers that made the dinner a success.

The official gun range activities are over for this season, but you can shoot all summer. The range was just mowed and looks great.

I enjoyed working with all of you this season. We have a great group of people. You help when needed, you clean up your brass, and you shoot safe. We have made a lot of progress the past 7 years. 

I am looking forward to seeing ya'll next fall.


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da Range Video 2015-2016 is Uploaded

What a fun dinner we had last night ....  we reached 91 for dinner!!
We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed shooting this season.

A huge thank you to everyone who gave a helping hand in setting up, picking up, our music, cooking ... the list goes on and on.  But you know!!! That is what makes da ' Range so great.  
We chip in, help, and have a few laughs along the way.

So, for those who missed, or care to relook at our winter season ... enjoy!

Click on the arrow to start the video.  And, for a full screen click the bottom right box!

And!!  Interested in purchasing a t-shirt.  We have plenty available, contact Bonnie for your's.  

Rumor has it, that we will have a garage sale on t-shirts later this week.
One never know what is up one of those sleeves!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Shootout is on this morning

I watched the radar around 3:30 this morning. The bulk of the rain was north of us and a really bad cell cut just south of us thru Renoysa.
The rain appears over. The temp is 66. The wind isn't too bad. Not a perfect day, but good enough to shoot.

Shootout at 10:00 am this morning at the range. The target is a hostage and a bad guy.
No lunch.

The gun show is today and tomorrow at the convention center.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Monday dinet

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HI All
For those attending da Range Farewell dinner, we have a great event planned, with final preparations getting underway we have a couple of minor details.

We could use some help on Monday on the following

3:30pm We need help with cleaning the patio tables, moving chairs into the craft room.  We have one volunteer but could use a couple more

Also, we have baked potatoes, but need a volunteer who can turned them into "Smashed potatoes". We have the recipe, just need the chef to create.
If you are willing to help on the foodies please contact Bonnie Fogg  

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saturday Shootout

The weather forecast is for a quarter of an inch of rain Friday night into Saturday morning. Not good for shooting. Check your email before coming to the range Saturday morning.

The forecast for the dinner on Monday is sunny and 77. Perfect!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Activities this week

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Our shooting season is winding down. We have three Wild Bunch Wednesday evening sessions remaining this spring at Shooter's Alley. Be trigger ready at 7:00 pm.

The ladies only session is Thursday morning at the range. 10:00 am or after breakfast.

The last shootout will be Saturday morning at 10:00. I have a hostage target which should be interesting. No lunch is planned.

Monday evening, March 21, is our closing dinner. Ruby's brisket is the meat. At this point we have 72 attending. But we haven't heard from about 50 of you. Please respond to the evite link below or email Bonnie or I about your attendance.

If you haven't purchased your dinner tickets yet, please do so Wednesday at the Retama Clubhouse.

I had a chance to preview Bonnie's video from this season. It's even better than last year. Be sure to thank Bonnie for all the work she puts into this production!

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Gun Range Dinner

Good morning

Today, Wednesday, is your chance to purchase your da Range Awards Dinner tickets, available at the club house during normal ticket sales.  
There is no actual 'ticket' for this event, but you will be added to the purchased ticket list.

A '" invitation was sent to all badge holders, please take a moment and RSVP, even if you are a no.  This will help us with our event preparations.
Here is the link.

Yes, Bentsen Palm shooters are encouraged to come too.!

Thank you
Bonnie Fogg

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gun Range News

IOC is back today digging sand. Expect them to be here for a couple of days.

Get your shooting fix with the Wild Bunch at Shooter's Alley 7:00 pm on Wednesday.

We have had trespassers shooting at the range and leaving hundreds of brass on the ground, both 22 and centerfire. If you see anyone there who does not belong, please call me.

How do I know that is trespassers leaving the brass? Because for the past five months our shooters have been religious about keeping the range clean. Thank you to you all.

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

Friday, March 4, 2016

Foam target backers

We put up new foam target backers this morning. These are designed for gun ranges. We will see how long they last.

We stuck roofing nails in the top edge of the foam. You can use these nails as pins to secure your targets to the foam.

da Range March Calendar

This is the last month of organized events for da Range ...  We have another shoot out schedule, and more importantly, our Awards Night dinner.

Please make sure you purchase your dinner on Wednesdays at the club house .... Ginger and her team are collecting our dinner money.  However a ticket will not be issued, you will be added to the paid list.

The night of the dinner you will receive tickets for various drawings.


Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Gun Range Poll

The results for the gun range poll are in:
24 voted yes, do a gun drawing
2   voted no, do not do a gun drawing
8   voted to go with the flow.

There will be a  drawing for the Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory .22 pistol.  The drawing is limited to those who purchased range passes.  An Individual Pass is one entry. A Family Pass enters both spouse's names. If you purchased a gun range pass, you are automatically included.  You do not need to do anything.  You need not be present to win. This drawing is separate from any other activity. The winner will be drawn and announced at the gun range dinner March 21st.

(FYI: Niles Deden, Sue Deden, Lex Fogg, Bonnie Fogg, Mike Rhodes and Nick Rhodes are excluded from the gun drawing)

There have been a few questions about the gun range dinner.  The invitation is for families.  Spouses are invited.  Bentsen Palm shooters are part of the gun range, so of course they are invited. The dinner is BBQ Brisket from Rudy's. The cost of the dinner is $7.00 per person. Tickets are available at the regular Retama Wednesday ticket sales times.

Please respond to the evite so we have a count for dinner.

Only those who come to the dinner are eligible for door prizes at the dinner.  We have some nice door prizes again this year.

Shoot Safe,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

Monday, February 29, 2016

Gun Range Activities This Week

Monday, Feb 29 - Shotgun Clay Shooting 2:00 pm

Wednesday, March 2 - Wild Bunch shoots tactical at Shooters Alley.  New shooters welcome! Come to eat at 6:00. Be ready to shoot at 7:00.

Thursday, March 3 - Ladies only at the range 10:00 am to Noon.

Friday, March 4 - 5:00 pm at the range - Alex is going to teach part 2 of his holster class.  It will be live fire - bring your holster and ammo.  If you don't have a holster, you can watch and listen.  Alex is doing this class after work and after school, which is why the time is late afternoon.

Saturday, March 5 - 7:45 am - Retama wide garage sale.  Have a gun to sell? Bring it to 4013 Lark and put it on the table. Looking for a gun? Come early.  Guns sell fast.
(Yes it is legal to do person to person gun sales in Texas)

Looking forward:

March 12 - Steel shoot at Coyote Arms
March 19 - Pistol shootout at the range
March 21 - End of Season gun range dinner

Browning Rebate

Hey Shooters!

Have you recently purchased a Browning pistol or rifle?? They have a rebate program!

Here's the link, Browning Rebate

Good luck

Going the Distance

Saturday the guys hit 'daRange' and did a little rifle shooting. 
 Sounds like they did quite well.
Tom Altwine won the 50 yard rifle distance.
Looks like these two were having too much fun!!
Our record keepers did an awesome job keeping the money and scores straight.

Randy Lantrip, our newest member, captured the 100 yards rifle with 24 points

Tom Altwine and Robert Gillis were neck in neck on the 25 yard Rifle - nice shooting!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Gun raffle poll

Bonnie put a gun raffle/drawing poll on the gun range blog.

The poll is on the right hand margin of the blog page. I could not see the poll on my phone. You may have to use your computer.

All badge holders can vote, and are encouraged, regardless on whether you will be attending the dinner.  Family badge members can cast two votes.

All badge holders will be entered into the drawing. Winner does not need to be present to win.

Dinner is Monday, March 21!

Gun range this week

Feb 22, Monday, 2:00 pm - Clay shooters at the gun range

Feb 24, Wednesday Eve, Wild Bunch at Shooter's Alley. Eat at 6:00. Trigger ready at 7:00. This might be the week Billie buys DQ.

Feb 25, Thursday, 10:00 am or after breakfast - Ladies Only at the range.

Feb 27, Saturday, 10:00 am - rifle shootout at the gun range. We will use the dot target at 25, 50, and 100 yards. Maybe some charcoal if we have time.

Looking ahead - Garage sale on March 5.
Gun Range Award Banquet Monday March 21.

Note - We probably have enough funds to raffle off a gun again this year. I am thinking the new Smith an Wesson SW22 Victory .22 pistol. Value about $350. Everyone who bought a range pass would be included in the drawing. You would not have to be present to win. Last year, Ted Rogers won the Ruger .22 rifle.
Bonnie is working on a survey that would let us know if you think a raffle is a good idea or a bad idea.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Getting Better and Better

Yep, that's right. The shooter's keep getting better, the shoot outs get better, and the range is looking it's best. And our Saturday shoot out proved to be the BEST yet .... Why? Everyone had a challenge!

'Connect The Dots' proved to be more than just circles on paper! Eleven circles, each shooter had 10 shots ... simple enough, surely getting the highest score couldn't be "that" hard.
Niles explaining "Connect the Dots" - 11 Circles - 10 shots, highest score!
However strategy proved to be the name of the game. 
Shoot the easier, bigger circles? 
Or, try for the higher points but the harder to hit smaller circles!

Shooters proved that 'Connecting the Dots' can be done!
The range rules always apply at the range - and keeping the shooters safe is top priority.  Calling the shooters to the firing line, giving the range commands means the shoot out flows smoothly and safely.  Thanks to Jack for the "Range is Cold" whistle ... We are keeping the RO's on their toes!   
Armed with a new whistle and blow-horn Bonnie served as RO (range officer).
Each shoot out brings us new faces, and this weekend was no exception, we have many new shooters who displayed excellent shooting skills and pistol handling.  Awesome job and WELCOME!

Each shoot out has new shooters at the firing line -- Welcome!
Winner of the Center Fire - Iron Sights

Bonnie won the Rim-Fire - optics

Winners of the Rim-Fire Iron Sights - Roger!

Tom Altwine captured the Center-Fire Optics division

Each division had payouts - First & second place, with a consolation prize too!

Each shoot out has a Mystery Shoot that only Niles (and perhaps Sue) knows what it will be.  This time, old bowling pins.  Five set up on the A-frame.  As many shots it took to knock them down.  Fastest time won.

Mystery Shoot - Bowling Pins.  Robert shows us how!

Larry Oth has a new trophy - what a keeper!  A shot up bowling pin.
Larry shot a winning 5.40 on the bowling pins Mystery Shoot

A huge thank you to Keith and Rita Hinchman for providing an awesome 
pulled pork lunch complete with all the fixings.  They cooked the pork all day Friday, and brought a picnic basket full of foodies for us to enjoy.  YUM!!!

Once again, thanks to everyone who attended the shoot out 
we believe this was our largest turnout yet!

Don't forget to shoot safe and have fun!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shootout Saturday Morning

Just a quick reminder that we have a shootout for pistols on Saturday morning at 10:00 am.
Keith and Rita Hinchman are cooking pulled pork. There is only about a month left in our season, so come down and shoot on Saturday.

The crew mowed the levee today, so must of the brush is gone.

Larry Oth sprayed weed killer around the stands at the range, and Larry had the dozer level and spread the caliche.  Thanks, Larry.

Mark the Retama Garage Sale on your calendar for March 5. There are usually a few guns for sale on Lark Drive. If you have a gun you want to sell, bring it on over.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Activities Week of Feb 15

Welcome to about a dozen new shooters from Bentsen Palm who I just added to this email list.  These are the gun range activities for this week.  The IOC contractor was gone all last week so it wouldn't surprise me if they come back some time this week.  If the contractor orange flag is up - no shooting at the range.

Monday Feb 15, 2:00 pm - shotguns shooting clays.

Wednesday evening at Shooters Alley, 6:00 pm dinner, 7:00 pm trigger time.  Winter Texan Wild Bunch tactical shoot. $15.00 per shooter.  This is an entry level group shooting USPSA tactical targets.  New shooters are welcome.  ,22 pistols are welcome.  No holster needed. Call me if you have questions.

Thursday Feb 18 - Ladies only morning at the range, 10:00 am.  No husbands allowed.  Ladies come and shoot with other gals.  Lots of fun.  No husbands to criticize.

Saturday Feb 20 - Shootout at 10:00 am at the range.  "Connect the Dots".  $5.00 per target.  10 shots per target this week.  100% prize payback of entry fees.  Rim fire iron sights, rim fire optics, center fire iron sights, center fire optics.  There will be lunch this week.  Bring lawn chairs and a beverage.

Mark your calendars - Monday evening, March 21 - Gun Range Awards Dinner.  The dinner will be brisket from Rudy's.

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wild Bunch

Wednesday night is The Wild Bunch!
We had a small group, but we shot big!

Our RO, Bob Bell spent time explaining some finer details on shooting tactical... 
We are taking baby steps and everyone is improving each night.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wild Bunch Wednesday Evening

Wild Bunch, the tactical shoot is on for Wednesday evening at Shooters Alley.
Come at 6:00 for dinner.
Come and be ready to shoot at 7:00.
Cost is $15.00 to shoot.
This is the beginners group. .22 pistols are welcome.  No holster is needed.  This group is getting much better.  The accuracy last week was very good.  This is probably the last week we will call this the beginners group.

If Billie wins on Wednesday night, she is buying ice cream at Dairy Queen! I am hunting hogs on Wednesday and Thursday so this group will have a new high scorer.  Ice cream is a definite possibility.