Saturday, January 30, 2016


Thanks to Larry Oth for building the frames and installing the gun range signs.
Thanks to Roger and Cathy Feickert for having their company design and donate the signs.
We put 2 signs up and have 2 spares.

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Steel Challenge Results

Steel Match 1/30
Match Results (by time)

FinalNameNumberClassDivisionTimeStage 1 (Stage 1)Stage 2 (Stage 2)
1Rogers, TARFRO28.2822.156.13
2Carson, JARFRI32.9632.960.00
3Oth, LarryRFPO34.6323.0211.61
4Grant, PhilARFPO45.1635.199.97
5Carson, JoannARFPI46.5436.699.85
6Anderson, RossRFPI49.4536.6212.83
7Oth, BillieRFPO52.9944.968.03
8Carson, JimAOPN54.5143.5510.96
9Fogg, BonnieLTD55.4845.3010.18
10Steffen, RogerARFPI56.3239.4516.87
11Deden, NilesOPN76.2159.5016.71
12Gillis, RobertOPN80.3262.8717.45
13Hay, DonRFPO89.1089.100.00
14Maben, GaryRFRI95.3295.320.00
15Welsh, MikeLTD109.2380.5128.72
16Rogers, DonnaRFPI118.7288.7230.00
17Frerichs, JimAOPN120.00120.000.00

Friday, January 29, 2016

Steel Challenge

We will shoot steel targets Saturday morning at 10:00.  Rimfire and center fire.
.223 at 100 yards if we have more than 1 shooter.
No entry fee.
No lunch.

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Newest Addition

With IOC working all week, the guys have been working all day today on finishing the new range signs.

They look awesome!  Two will be installed this weekend.
We have a huge THANK YOU to Roger and Cathy Feickert, are newest range members and their donation of the signs...... THANK YOU ROGER AND CATHY!!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Gongs

Ted Rogers and I moved the Osama gong in from 100 yards to the 50 yard hanger. We then added 5 new 12 inch gongs at 100 yards. The new Gongs are armor steel, which is not as hard as AR500 steel. We'll see how they last.

Ted and I also changed some of the 6x6 target back stops that were shot up.

Thanks for the help, Ted!

IOC was still digging sand this afternoon. I would guess that they will be digging on Friday also.

The weather for the weekend looks great. Come down to the range and shoot steel Saturday morning at 10:00.

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden

The forecast for Monday is 90!

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Wednesday Evening Wild Bunch at Shooter's Alley

Not sure exactly how we were nicknamed the Wild Bunch, perhaps it's because we
have so much fun,  as there is plenty of talk, giggles and good laughs.  
Or, when we shoot the 'time' doesn't really matter to us, we don't have lightening speed like the Monday night shooters,....  Well, actually we plod along.  
But tonight the Wild Bunch proved that we could shoot and shoot well, with many shooting perfect scores of double alpha on each target. Nice shooting!

Our stages vary .. rule #1, don't shoot the black or white guys

Shooting a shooter??

Sometimes a stage doesn't go as planned, there is a malfunction, or missed targets..... So? What happened Billie??

Do we have an opinion of your shooting Billie?
Our Monday night tactical shooters volunteer their time.
Bob, our Range Officer and Jeff, our timer, not only keep us on track, but give us tips, suggestions and make sure we don't break the rules.
There are ALOT of rules to follow.
Most important, we don't want to break the finger on the trigger, or break the 180o rules.
A HUGE thank you to Bob and Jeff!

The masked man is our RO, Bob.  Without him, we would be lost.  Thank you Bob!

Ya'll come back now!
Then of course - there is the Dairy Queen stop to celebrate the end of a fun evening.

Think you might like to try your hand at shooting with us? Speed shooting is not our game, becoming better shooters is and we welcome anyone new .... Just remember our reputation as The Wild Bunch proceeds us!!

Safe shooting!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Shooters Alley Ladies Night Thursday

I just saw a Facebook post from Shooters Alley:

Ladies Night tomorrow, Thursday, January 28 at Shooters Alley. Dinner starts at 6:30 pm.  $15.00 includes dinner, range fee, door prizes, and FREE gun rental.

Ladies only on the range - no guys.  JD Carrera stays on the range and answers questions and offer shooting tips to the ladies.  Free instruction!

Normally Ladies Night is the third Thursday, but JD was at the Shot Show in Vegas last week.

West 2 Mile Road is under construction.  I suggest that you drive north on Los Ebanos and then turn right (east) on W 2 Mile.

Since the Retama range has been closed all week, this is a good opportunity to get some trigger time and have fun doing it!

Shoot Safe,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

Shooters Alley Tonight

Just a quick reminder that the Wild Bunch shoots tactical at Shooter's Alley tonight.
You can shoot .22 and you don't need a holster.
The cost is $15 per shooter.
Come at 6:00 and eat.
Come to be ready to shoot at 7:00.
This is a beginner group so everyone is welcome.
Come to watch if you don't want to shoot.

(651) 380-9112

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gun Range week of January 25

These are the activities for the gun range this week:

The IOC Contractor has equipment down by the gun range.  I am guessing that they will be working at least the first part of the week. Expect that the range will be closed some days this week.

Monday - Shotgun clay shooting - 2:00 at the range.  Shotguns have a very limited range so they can shoot even if IOC is digging.

Tuesday - NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting video - 10:00 am at the Retama Clubhouse.  The video replaces beginners shooting at the gun range.  We assume that the range will be closed on Tuesday.  The video shows basic gun handling safety, the parts of a gun, the parts of cartridges, and basic shooting tips.  The video is for beginning shooters, but anyone is welcome to come and watch. After the video, we will review gun parts and cartridge differences.

Wednesday - The Winter Texan Wild Bunch shoots tactical at Shooters Alley.  Come to eat at 6:00 pm.  Come to be ready to shoot at 7:00 pm.  Cost is $12.00 to shoot.  We have been shooting 2 stages.

Thursday - Ladies Day at the range - 10:00 am or when ever you get back from the ladies breakfast.  If you go to breakfast first, you can still come and shoot even if it is 10:30 or so.

Friday - Nothing yet.

Saturday - Steel Challenge - 10:00 am at the range.  We will shoot the steel plates for time.  Rimfire and center fire pistols and rimfire rifles are welcome. Bring 100 rounds of ammo for each gun.  See details below.

The Steel Challenge will work like this:
We will set up a row of five 10 inch steel plates on the top of t fence posts. The shooter must hit each of the five plates one time.  If you miss a plate, you must keep shooting until you hit that plate.  The time it takes you to hit all five plates is recorded.  The act of shooting the five plates once is called a "run".  Each shooter will do five runs in a row. 5 plates times 5 runs is a minimum of 25 shots (more if you miss a couple of plates).  You can reload magazines between runs, but the more magazines you have, the quicker the shooting goes.  The Practiscore computer throws out your slowest time, so only the four fastest times of the stage count.
Once everyone has shot the first stage, we will move the posts and plates around and shoot a second stage.
Once everyone has shot the second stage, we will move the plates again and shoot a third stage.

You can shoot .22 pistols, .22 rimfire rifles, and center fire pistols.  You can use iron sights or optics.

There will be no entry fee and no prize money this time.  Bragging rights and a certificate to the fastest shooter. There will be no lunch provided.  You will want to bring a beverage and a chair.

Call me if you have questions about this week's activities.

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tic-tac-toe Pictures

What an awesome day, a bit brisk at the start, but no wind, mild temperatures and a great turn out by our shooters.

We shot at tic-tac-toe targets -- which is much harder to shoot than we thought.
But, our team got the job done.   

Here's a video of the day's putting.

Shooting at 100 yards - a TIE!

Don' Hays won at the 25 yards

Saturday shootout results

Thanks to everyone who came down to the gun range this morning. I think that everyone had a good time. The weather was perfect.

Thanks to everyone who he pled with the regisyration, the scoring, and the cooking. The event went smooth and the brauts tasted great..

We played tic-tac-toe. Three squares in a row to win. This was harder than it sounds.

Phil Grant won the Rimfire iron sight division.
Niles won the Rimfire optics division.
Jim Wakenell won the Center fire optics division.

For rifles:
Don Hay won the Rimfire optics.
Ell Stewart won the Rimfire iron sight.

Ray Holzworth and Jim Wakenell battled for Center fire optics at 100 yards. They tied after the first 6 shots. In stead of walking back and forth the 100 yards they flipped a coin and Ray won.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

If you need .22 ammo, talk to Donna Rogers. She only got to fire one shot today, so she has plenty of ammo left over.

Bonnie came in second, firing only two rounds.

These two are our Conservation Champions!

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Friday, January 22, 2016

AR Gun Cleaning

Thanks Alex for doing the AR rifle cleaning class Friday morning.

Shootout Saturday

Pistol shootout 10:00 am at the gun range Saturday morning. We are going to play tic-tac-toe.
We will have 4 pistol divisions:
1) rimfire iron sights
2) rimfire optics
3) Centerfield iron sights
4) Centerfield optics

Contestants in each division shoot in pairs at the same target. Each pair flips a coin to see who shoots first.
The first shooter hits either an X or an O.
The second shooter gets the opposite.
If a shooter hits his opponent's letter, it counts for the opponent.
The first shooter who gets 3 of their letters in a row wins and moves on to the next level.

After all 4 division winners are determined, the two rimfire winners (iron and optic) will shoot off. Then the two centerfire winners will shoot off.

Finally, the rimfire winner will shoot against the center fire winner for the title of Tic-tac-toe Champion.

Lunch will be brauts and chips. Bring your own beverage.

After lunch, rimfire rifles will play tic-tac-toe, same rules, at 25 yards.
Maybe center fire rifles at 100 yards if we can see the targets.

.22 bullet holes are hard to see. You want to bring binoculars if you have them.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday is Ladies Day

Yep, every Thursday the gals meet at the range and together we figure out gun things Whether it's getting better shots on the targets, sighting in an optic sight, or just having a good giggle, we simply enjoy the time together.  

Sometimes there are only 1 or 2 gals, other days we have half a dozen... It really doesn't matter.
Gigi & Billie are regulars on Ladies Day
Who can come to the range? Well, it's really only the gals.  We start at 10A.
Our newest shooters, Sandy & Wendy
 Ladies, are you thinking about learning more about shooting? Scared to death and worried about what others will think? This is the perfect time to come..... There is a chance to learn 'one on one' with your lady friends -  we are here to help.
Perfect morning!


A reminder on the important placement of the finger on the trigger

See you Saturday for the great pistol and rifle shoot out,!

Monday, January 18, 2016

No Ladies Night

Shooters Alley has cancelled Ladies Night this Thursday. JD is at the Shot Show in Vegas. Ladies Night will be back in February.

No Winter Texan Wild Bunch on Wednesday.
No Ladies Night Thursday.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Shotgun time change

The shotgun guys will shoot clays Monday at 3:00 pm.

Activities week of January 18

Monday afternoon January 18, 2:00 pm - Clay shooting at the range.

Tuesday, January 19, 10:00 am - Beginners shoot at the range.

Wednesday, January 20 - NO WEDNESDAY WINTER TEXAN EVENING AT SHOOTER'S ALLEY. JD is at the Shot Show in Vegas.

Thursday, January 21, 6:00 pm - Ladies Night at Shooter's Alley. Come eat, shoot, and win door prizes.

Friday, January 22, 10:30 at 4013 Lark - Alex is doing an AR cleaning class (and other rifles).

Saturday, January 24, 10:00 at the gun range.
Pistols shootout, followed by lunch, followed by rifle shootout. Bring a beverage and a chair. 

Sunday, January 25 - Clean your guns. Take a nap. Watch football.

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Steel targets

We put up 5 new steel plate targets Sunday afternoon. They range from ten to 15 yards. The type of steel is AR500, which is a very hard steel used for targets.

Because these plates are fairly close to the firing line, you should only use pistol or .22 rifle on these targets.  Bigger rifles will cause too much bullet splatter.

We have additional steel plates to put out at 100 yards for bigger rifles. These are in the mail.

If you want a clean surface, you can use white spray paint on the steel.

We will probably shoot these plates for time on Saturday. You have five days to practice.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy Snappies of the Swap Meet

The morning started off with no power at the club house, so no coffee brewing, but Santa Fe donuts curbed the hunger pains.  No power, no problem, simply move the event outside.  No power didn't stop our group from bringing their extra gear to our first swap meet.  

Early buyers! 
We didn't know what to expect, and we were not disappointed.  Thanks to all who cleaned their gear and brought it to the meet.  We need to work on the number of prospective buyers, our turn out wasn't what we had hoped for -- we thought we might have a buying frenzy??  Not, but our turn out was low.  On to plan "B"!

Reloading supplies, ammo, holsters and gear bags ... we had them all.
Rifles, pistols and shot guns, Oh My

Next Saturday we are having a pistol shoot in the morning, lunch, then the rifle shoot out.  Bring your binoculars, as we will be shooting steel.  What's steel? We have a collection of round steel plates in an assortment of different sizes, and shapes including rabbits and squirrels. And, Niles received a delivery today of new steel targets -- this is going to get interesting.

We will also be playing a little tic tac toe. . . . at 7yards, how hard can it be??  Come and see!  Did we say lunch will be served? So bring your chair, beverage and plan to stay for a while.

Shoot Safe!

Swap Meet

Thanks to everyone who participated in the swap meet this morning. I was worried that we would be short of items. We had plenty of sellers this morning but not enough buyers.

The Retama garage sale is coming up the first Saturday in March. You are invited to bring items to 4013 Lark to sell that day. The tag system seemed to work well. There will be more buyers around that day.

Alex is planning a rifle cleaning class next Friday at 10:30 at 4013 Lark. The focus is going to be on AR's, but anyone is welcome.

The next shootout will be Saturday, January 23rd. 10:00 am at the gun range. Pistols first, then lunch, then rifles. We are going to shoot steel and maybe play some tic-tac-toe.

Friday, January 15, 2016

83o And Sunny

A picture perfect afternoon....  Add shooting and it doesn't get any better!

Niles is always on the look out for great shooting targets.

Ritz crackers??  Yep, we will shoot just about anything

Ted Rogers enjoys rifle, pistol and shoot gun.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday Night at Shooters Alley

A HUGE THANK YOU to Shooters Alley for keeping their store, the kitchen and their shooting lanes open for us.  With the amazing talents of Tracy and Mark Self, and the eagle eyes of Range officer Bob Bell they are shaping rusty, retired and novice Winter Texans into The Wild Bunch.  Thank you for spending your Wednesday nights with us!

Check out the short video ....

Welcome To Our New Gun Range Blog

Bonnie has started a new gun range blog.  Check the blog later tonight to see pictures from Shooters Alley.

Ted Rogers saw a lowboy down on the levee.  Maybe IOC is moving their excavator out for a few days, and we can get some shooting in.

‘da RANGE SWAP MEET - Saturday Jan 16

This weekend we are holding '‘da Range Swap meet.  This is a first for us and we are ‘shooting’ from the hip on making this a successful event.  Anyone involved is a similar event who can share some knowledge - we’d appreciate the input.

Time to find your gear, even if it’s one piece, used equipment can be another person treasure, so consider swapping/selling it.  Have a half box of unused ammo, holsters, targets, t-shirts — anything that relates to shooting will be allowed.

Each item submitted must have a sell tag.  The tag includes the best detail of the item, price, and your name.  Be reasonable with your pricing.

The swap will have 3 sections:  

FIREARMS:  must arrive unloaded.  Firearms will be locked or tie strapped.  There will be a check in process, so be ready.  Magazines must be empty.  There will be no ammo with firearms, they will be displayed/sold separately.

FREE:  Just want to get rid of something?  We have a free section, fill out a tag.

You have a lot of items to sell? we will set up your own table.  Have one item?  Fill out a tag, we will add your item to the selling table - tags required.


Saturday morning, we will be begin setting up at 9:30.  Help with setting up tables
Coffee and donuts will be served.
Those who have one item, once its tag, you can leave it on the table, our cashier will collect money and hold the money.  

Cannot be at the meet but have items to sell? Drop off with Niles/Bonnie, with the completed tag.  

This is the time when you can wander around and check items out.  No selling. This will give “sellers” a change to preview items before selling of their items.

10:15 - 10:30  SELLING and trading begins. 

We ask buyers to bring small change, so selling is easier.


IOC is digging today.

Shooter's Alley tactical tonight. Eat at 6:00 (optional). Be ready to shoot at 7:00.

Ladies only Thursday morning 10 to noon at the range. IOC might interfere.

Alex is doing a pistol cleaning class Thursday morning at 10:00 at 4013 Lark.

Swap meet Saturday morning at Retama clubhouse. Setup at 9:30. Sales start at 10:15.

Gun Show Saturday and Sunday.

Bonnie is starting a gun range blog. Details next week.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Remember When


Hand Rail Crew at Work


Gun Range Activities This Week

1) We were planning a pistol shootout for Tuesday.  Tuesday is the HOA meeting.  The forecast is cold and wet.  The contractor is digging sand.  Too many bad factors.  We will cancel the Tuesday shootout.

2) Wednesday evening is the Winter Texan Wild Bunch tactical shoot at Shooters Alley.  This is a beginner group.  Rimfire pistols are welcome.  No holster needed.  We need 15 shooters to make this work.  Come for dinner from the grill at 6:00.  Come and be ready to shoot at 7:00.  The shoot costs $15.00 per shooter.  Dinner is extra.  Spectators are welcome.

3) Ladies are shooting at the range 10:00 to noon on Thursday, contractor permitting.  If you go to breakfast first, come down to the range when you get back, even if it is 10:30 or 11:00.

4) Alex is doing a pistol cleaning class on my patio (4013 Lark) Thursday morning at 10:00.  This will be pretty much the same session he did last year.  Bring your pistol and your cleaning supplies.

5) The swap meet is Saturday morning at 10:00 at the Retama Clubhouse.  Come to look. Come to sell. Come to buy.  The exact details will follow in another swap meet email.  I have asked Shooters Alley to come to the swap meet and bring ammo for sale.  They have .22 ammo.

6) Saxet Gun Show at the Convention Center Saturday and Sunday.

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112