Saturday, January 16, 2016

Happy Snappies of the Swap Meet

The morning started off with no power at the club house, so no coffee brewing, but Santa Fe donuts curbed the hunger pains.  No power, no problem, simply move the event outside.  No power didn't stop our group from bringing their extra gear to our first swap meet.  

Early buyers! 
We didn't know what to expect, and we were not disappointed.  Thanks to all who cleaned their gear and brought it to the meet.  We need to work on the number of prospective buyers, our turn out wasn't what we had hoped for -- we thought we might have a buying frenzy??  Not, but our turn out was low.  On to plan "B"!

Reloading supplies, ammo, holsters and gear bags ... we had them all.
Rifles, pistols and shot guns, Oh My

Next Saturday we are having a pistol shoot in the morning, lunch, then the rifle shoot out.  Bring your binoculars, as we will be shooting steel.  What's steel? We have a collection of round steel plates in an assortment of different sizes, and shapes including rabbits and squirrels. And, Niles received a delivery today of new steel targets -- this is going to get interesting.

We will also be playing a little tic tac toe. . . . at 7yards, how hard can it be??  Come and see!  Did we say lunch will be served? So bring your chair, beverage and plan to stay for a while.

Shoot Safe!

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