Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wednesday Evening Wild Bunch at Shooter's Alley

Not sure exactly how we were nicknamed the Wild Bunch, perhaps it's because we
have so much fun,  as there is plenty of talk, giggles and good laughs.  
Or, when we shoot the 'time' doesn't really matter to us, we don't have lightening speed like the Monday night shooters,....  Well, actually we plod along.  
But tonight the Wild Bunch proved that we could shoot and shoot well, with many shooting perfect scores of double alpha on each target. Nice shooting!

Our stages vary .. rule #1, don't shoot the black or white guys

Shooting a shooter??

Sometimes a stage doesn't go as planned, there is a malfunction, or missed targets..... So? What happened Billie??

Do we have an opinion of your shooting Billie?
Our Monday night tactical shooters volunteer their time.
Bob, our Range Officer and Jeff, our timer, not only keep us on track, but give us tips, suggestions and make sure we don't break the rules.
There are ALOT of rules to follow.
Most important, we don't want to break the finger on the trigger, or break the 180o rules.
A HUGE thank you to Bob and Jeff!

The masked man is our RO, Bob.  Without him, we would be lost.  Thank you Bob!

Ya'll come back now!
Then of course - there is the Dairy Queen stop to celebrate the end of a fun evening.

Think you might like to try your hand at shooting with us? Speed shooting is not our game, becoming better shooters is and we welcome anyone new .... Just remember our reputation as The Wild Bunch proceeds us!!

Safe shooting!

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