Monday, February 29, 2016

Gun Range Activities This Week

Monday, Feb 29 - Shotgun Clay Shooting 2:00 pm

Wednesday, March 2 - Wild Bunch shoots tactical at Shooters Alley.  New shooters welcome! Come to eat at 6:00. Be ready to shoot at 7:00.

Thursday, March 3 - Ladies only at the range 10:00 am to Noon.

Friday, March 4 - 5:00 pm at the range - Alex is going to teach part 2 of his holster class.  It will be live fire - bring your holster and ammo.  If you don't have a holster, you can watch and listen.  Alex is doing this class after work and after school, which is why the time is late afternoon.

Saturday, March 5 - 7:45 am - Retama wide garage sale.  Have a gun to sell? Bring it to 4013 Lark and put it on the table. Looking for a gun? Come early.  Guns sell fast.
(Yes it is legal to do person to person gun sales in Texas)

Looking forward:

March 12 - Steel shoot at Coyote Arms
March 19 - Pistol shootout at the range
March 21 - End of Season gun range dinner

Browning Rebate

Hey Shooters!

Have you recently purchased a Browning pistol or rifle?? They have a rebate program!

Here's the link, Browning Rebate

Good luck

Going the Distance

Saturday the guys hit 'daRange' and did a little rifle shooting. 
 Sounds like they did quite well.
Tom Altwine won the 50 yard rifle distance.
Looks like these two were having too much fun!!
Our record keepers did an awesome job keeping the money and scores straight.

Randy Lantrip, our newest member, captured the 100 yards rifle with 24 points

Tom Altwine and Robert Gillis were neck in neck on the 25 yard Rifle - nice shooting!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Gun raffle poll

Bonnie put a gun raffle/drawing poll on the gun range blog.

The poll is on the right hand margin of the blog page. I could not see the poll on my phone. You may have to use your computer.

All badge holders can vote, and are encouraged, regardless on whether you will be attending the dinner.  Family badge members can cast two votes.

All badge holders will be entered into the drawing. Winner does not need to be present to win.

Dinner is Monday, March 21!

Gun range this week

Feb 22, Monday, 2:00 pm - Clay shooters at the gun range

Feb 24, Wednesday Eve, Wild Bunch at Shooter's Alley. Eat at 6:00. Trigger ready at 7:00. This might be the week Billie buys DQ.

Feb 25, Thursday, 10:00 am or after breakfast - Ladies Only at the range.

Feb 27, Saturday, 10:00 am - rifle shootout at the gun range. We will use the dot target at 25, 50, and 100 yards. Maybe some charcoal if we have time.

Looking ahead - Garage sale on March 5.
Gun Range Award Banquet Monday March 21.

Note - We probably have enough funds to raffle off a gun again this year. I am thinking the new Smith an Wesson SW22 Victory .22 pistol. Value about $350. Everyone who bought a range pass would be included in the drawing. You would not have to be present to win. Last year, Ted Rogers won the Ruger .22 rifle.
Bonnie is working on a survey that would let us know if you think a raffle is a good idea or a bad idea.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Getting Better and Better

Yep, that's right. The shooter's keep getting better, the shoot outs get better, and the range is looking it's best. And our Saturday shoot out proved to be the BEST yet .... Why? Everyone had a challenge!

'Connect The Dots' proved to be more than just circles on paper! Eleven circles, each shooter had 10 shots ... simple enough, surely getting the highest score couldn't be "that" hard.
Niles explaining "Connect the Dots" - 11 Circles - 10 shots, highest score!
However strategy proved to be the name of the game. 
Shoot the easier, bigger circles? 
Or, try for the higher points but the harder to hit smaller circles!

Shooters proved that 'Connecting the Dots' can be done!
The range rules always apply at the range - and keeping the shooters safe is top priority.  Calling the shooters to the firing line, giving the range commands means the shoot out flows smoothly and safely.  Thanks to Jack for the "Range is Cold" whistle ... We are keeping the RO's on their toes!   
Armed with a new whistle and blow-horn Bonnie served as RO (range officer).
Each shoot out brings us new faces, and this weekend was no exception, we have many new shooters who displayed excellent shooting skills and pistol handling.  Awesome job and WELCOME!

Each shoot out has new shooters at the firing line -- Welcome!
Winner of the Center Fire - Iron Sights

Bonnie won the Rim-Fire - optics

Winners of the Rim-Fire Iron Sights - Roger!

Tom Altwine captured the Center-Fire Optics division

Each division had payouts - First & second place, with a consolation prize too!

Each shoot out has a Mystery Shoot that only Niles (and perhaps Sue) knows what it will be.  This time, old bowling pins.  Five set up on the A-frame.  As many shots it took to knock them down.  Fastest time won.

Mystery Shoot - Bowling Pins.  Robert shows us how!

Larry Oth has a new trophy - what a keeper!  A shot up bowling pin.
Larry shot a winning 5.40 on the bowling pins Mystery Shoot

A huge thank you to Keith and Rita Hinchman for providing an awesome 
pulled pork lunch complete with all the fixings.  They cooked the pork all day Friday, and brought a picnic basket full of foodies for us to enjoy.  YUM!!!

Once again, thanks to everyone who attended the shoot out 
we believe this was our largest turnout yet!

Don't forget to shoot safe and have fun!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Shootout Saturday Morning

Just a quick reminder that we have a shootout for pistols on Saturday morning at 10:00 am.
Keith and Rita Hinchman are cooking pulled pork. There is only about a month left in our season, so come down and shoot on Saturday.

The crew mowed the levee today, so must of the brush is gone.

Larry Oth sprayed weed killer around the stands at the range, and Larry had the dozer level and spread the caliche.  Thanks, Larry.

Mark the Retama Garage Sale on your calendar for March 5. There are usually a few guns for sale on Lark Drive. If you have a gun you want to sell, bring it on over.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Activities Week of Feb 15

Welcome to about a dozen new shooters from Bentsen Palm who I just added to this email list.  These are the gun range activities for this week.  The IOC contractor was gone all last week so it wouldn't surprise me if they come back some time this week.  If the contractor orange flag is up - no shooting at the range.

Monday Feb 15, 2:00 pm - shotguns shooting clays.

Wednesday evening at Shooters Alley, 6:00 pm dinner, 7:00 pm trigger time.  Winter Texan Wild Bunch tactical shoot. $15.00 per shooter.  This is an entry level group shooting USPSA tactical targets.  New shooters are welcome.  ,22 pistols are welcome.  No holster needed. Call me if you have questions.

Thursday Feb 18 - Ladies only morning at the range, 10:00 am.  No husbands allowed.  Ladies come and shoot with other gals.  Lots of fun.  No husbands to criticize.

Saturday Feb 20 - Shootout at 10:00 am at the range.  "Connect the Dots".  $5.00 per target.  10 shots per target this week.  100% prize payback of entry fees.  Rim fire iron sights, rim fire optics, center fire iron sights, center fire optics.  There will be lunch this week.  Bring lawn chairs and a beverage.

Mark your calendars - Monday evening, March 21 - Gun Range Awards Dinner.  The dinner will be brisket from Rudy's.

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wild Bunch

Wednesday night is The Wild Bunch!
We had a small group, but we shot big!

Our RO, Bob Bell spent time explaining some finer details on shooting tactical... 
We are taking baby steps and everyone is improving each night.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wild Bunch Wednesday Evening

Wild Bunch, the tactical shoot is on for Wednesday evening at Shooters Alley.
Come at 6:00 for dinner.
Come and be ready to shoot at 7:00.
Cost is $15.00 to shoot.
This is the beginners group. .22 pistols are welcome.  No holster is needed.  This group is getting much better.  The accuracy last week was very good.  This is probably the last week we will call this the beginners group.

If Billie wins on Wednesday night, she is buying ice cream at Dairy Queen! I am hunting hogs on Wednesday and Thursday so this group will have a new high scorer.  Ice cream is a definite possibility.

South Texas SPP Winter Series

Scholastic Pistol Program Steel Challenge Winter Series...South Texas Shooters will be hosting a 4 stage steel match at Coyote Arms Range in Edinburg, Tx. Sign up starts at 9:15 with Hammer down at 10 am...This is a monthly fundraiser for the South Texas Shooters SPP Team!
Cost is $10.00 per Person the public is welcomed
Centerfire pistols
Rimfire rifles and pistols are welcomed...
Please come and support the 2014/2015 National Champion South Texas Shooters every 2nd Saturday of the month..

Course of fire will be the official SPP steel challenge courses.

Come out and support the kids quest for another National Championship!

USPSA level I match, with the following divisions:
Rimfire Iron, Rimfire Open, SPP Centerfire, Limited CF, Open CF, Rimfire Rifle

We shot this course last month and it was a lot of fun.  The ten dollars is a donation to the high school shooting team. We were done by 1:00 last month.  Bring a hundred rounds of ammo. .22 pistols are welcome. Billie, this is another chance to beat me!

Call if you have questions,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Friday Shootout Results

We shot the dartboard on Friday afternoon.  The target added a little bit of chance to the shootout.

Center fire with optics only had two shooters.  Don Peoples won with 178 points to my 154.

Rim fire with optics had 6 shooters.  Linda Hall was first with 224 points. Dennis Duford was second with 166 points and Phil Grant was third with 162 points.

Rim fire with iron sights had 4 shooters.  Don Peoples was first with 168 points.  Donna Rogers was second with 156 points and Ted Rogers was third with 144 points.

 Center fire with iron sights had six shooters.  Dennis Stosky was first with 198 points.  Robert Gillis was second with 192 points.  Craig Wendell was third with 153 points.

 For the Mystery Shoot, we shot at a deck of cards taped face down.  You shot five cards for a poker hand.  Jokers were wild.  The poker hand you ended up with was totally random.  Accurate shooting didn't have much to do with winning.  Dennis Stosky ended up with a straight, which was the high hand for the day.

Congratulations to all our shooters and thanks for coming on down!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shootout Friday Afternoon at 1:00 pm

We are going to shoot a dart board Friday afternoon down at the gun range. I have attached the target for you to look at before we shoot.

The value of each pie shaped wedge is printed on the outside circle. The point value for the wedge doubles for hits in the inner circle.
Hits in the orange Bullseye are worth 50 points.
5 shots per target
$5.00 per target
Classes are:
    Rimfire pistol iron sights
    Rimfire pistol optic sight
    Center fire pistol iron sight

Shooters are handicapped. If you won once before this season, you shoot at 11 yards. Everyone else except Billie shoots at 7 yards.
Billie shoots from Mexico.

The Mystery Shoot will be a poker game.

NOTE: Nick Rhodes and I had a discussion. The Rhodes family has given permission to Border Patrol and police to shot at our range. This is good public relations. If you see someone shooting at the range without a range pass, ask to see their badge. If they have a badge, give them a welcome and tell them about the flags.  Border Patrol officers are always courteous. They will probably be shooting with their families.

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300 Yard Target

The shooting lane to the 300 Yard Target has been mowed this morning.

Thanks to Bobby Elliott and Jim Frerichs for cutting the tree that was in the way.

Thanks to Neto for mowing.

The easiest way to get to the target is to drive into the area IOC is digging sand. The target is about 15 yards to the north of the driveway.

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Wild Bunch

The Wild Bunch had a great time shooting last night. Lots of alphas! Good shooting everyone!

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gun Range

The Wild Bunch shoots tonight at Shooters Alley.  Be trigger ready at 7:00 pm.  Bob Bell is going to teach us some tricks and tips for better times at the beginning of the session.


Ted Rogers says that the excavator is gone at the gun range.  That means the RANGE IS OPEN!!!

Gun Range Events

HI all

We have a couple of events scheduled for March to share!

Toppa Hoppa March 12, Saturday, 4pm to 6pm, is coming around the corner and Donna Rogers has volunteered to organize the Dessert at the end of the event.  
We thought we'd host the dessert as the "Gun Range" folks. We have a couple of volunteers but are still needing another 4 people to help. What's Involved: Organizing and serving a small dessert for the Villagers. We have our menu ideas organized, but need help with the last minute preparation, perhaps some of the shopping and serving. If you are interested in any part of our dessert serving please contact Donna Rogers or me (Bonnie).

Farewell Gun Range Banquet
March 21, 5pm
Its hard to believe that we are already starting to plan for our farewell banquet. We had an awesome turn out for last Springs Farewell and hope all the Gun Range members will mark their calendar for March 21st.

This year we are needing some help with the coordinating of several project for our dinner.
Volunteers are needed for the setup and the food side of this event. But, we also need someone to coordinate the prizes, we had great success last Spring with donations but its a job that should be shared, as more hands make easy work. The donation project needs to start now. Would anyone be willing to get involved.
Please contact Bonnie Fogg, she can explain what is needed to get the ball rolling on this task.

We will also need help with dinner prep, setting up and the audio, please let us know if we can put you on the helper list. 

Don't forget we are shooting darts late Friday Afternoon, this target looks fun - how lucky do you feel!?… Niles has a fun mystery shoot that only requires luck! See you then.

Again thanks!
Bonnie Fogg
c 630-688-3594

Monday, February 1, 2016

Gun range schedule

IOC is still digging.

Tuesday morning - Beginners shoot at Shooter's Alley at 11:00 am. Come to shoot and then eat lunch at the range.

Wednesday evening - Winter Texan Wild Bunch shoots radical at Shooter's Alley - $15 per shooter. Be trigger ready at 7:00 pm. Come to eat at 6:00. .22 welcome. No holster needed.

Thursday morning - Ladies Only - 10:00 am or after breakfast at the range IOC permitting.

Friday afternoon SHOOTOUT at the range - 1:00 pm IOC permitting.
We will shoot a dart board for points and then play a little poker. No timed events Friday.
$5.00 per target.
$1.00 for mystery shoot.
Temp to be high 60 - perfect!

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January 2016 Finance Report

January 2016 Gun Range Finance Report


$1389.87 Balance on Hand December 31, 2015


$400.00 Registration McGavic, Richardson, Powers, Hall, Frerichs, Woodard, Wendall, Gerber

$35.00 Registration McKeen

$150 Registration McNeese, Moore, Rogers

$585 Income for January



$72.00 Range Lunch December Shootout

$20.00 Range Lunch Jan 23

$40.00 McCoys 6x6 wood

$276.04 JJ Rental for porta potty

$75.00 Home Depot for sign lumber

$399.53 X Steel for 10 steel plates and 5 holders

$140.68 McCoys 6x6 for target backstop

$85.41 Tractor Supply for target chain and posts

$1,108.66 Expenses for January


$523.66 Expense over Income for January


$866.21 Balance on Hand January 31, 2016

.22 Ammo

Academy on Ware has a large amount of .22 ammo.
Remington 525 round bricks for $28
Federal hi velocity match for $5

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