Saturday, February 6, 2016

Friday Shootout Results

We shot the dartboard on Friday afternoon.  The target added a little bit of chance to the shootout.

Center fire with optics only had two shooters.  Don Peoples won with 178 points to my 154.

Rim fire with optics had 6 shooters.  Linda Hall was first with 224 points. Dennis Duford was second with 166 points and Phil Grant was third with 162 points.

Rim fire with iron sights had 4 shooters.  Don Peoples was first with 168 points.  Donna Rogers was second with 156 points and Ted Rogers was third with 144 points.

 Center fire with iron sights had six shooters.  Dennis Stosky was first with 198 points.  Robert Gillis was second with 192 points.  Craig Wendell was third with 153 points.

 For the Mystery Shoot, we shot at a deck of cards taped face down.  You shot five cards for a poker hand.  Jokers were wild.  The poker hand you ended up with was totally random.  Accurate shooting didn't have much to do with winning.  Dennis Stosky ended up with a straight, which was the high hand for the day.

Congratulations to all our shooters and thanks for coming on down!

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