Sunday, February 21, 2016

Getting Better and Better

Yep, that's right. The shooter's keep getting better, the shoot outs get better, and the range is looking it's best. And our Saturday shoot out proved to be the BEST yet .... Why? Everyone had a challenge!

'Connect The Dots' proved to be more than just circles on paper! Eleven circles, each shooter had 10 shots ... simple enough, surely getting the highest score couldn't be "that" hard.
Niles explaining "Connect the Dots" - 11 Circles - 10 shots, highest score!
However strategy proved to be the name of the game. 
Shoot the easier, bigger circles? 
Or, try for the higher points but the harder to hit smaller circles!

Shooters proved that 'Connecting the Dots' can be done!
The range rules always apply at the range - and keeping the shooters safe is top priority.  Calling the shooters to the firing line, giving the range commands means the shoot out flows smoothly and safely.  Thanks to Jack for the "Range is Cold" whistle ... We are keeping the RO's on their toes!   
Armed with a new whistle and blow-horn Bonnie served as RO (range officer).
Each shoot out brings us new faces, and this weekend was no exception, we have many new shooters who displayed excellent shooting skills and pistol handling.  Awesome job and WELCOME!

Each shoot out has new shooters at the firing line -- Welcome!
Winner of the Center Fire - Iron Sights

Bonnie won the Rim-Fire - optics

Winners of the Rim-Fire Iron Sights - Roger!

Tom Altwine captured the Center-Fire Optics division

Each division had payouts - First & second place, with a consolation prize too!

Each shoot out has a Mystery Shoot that only Niles (and perhaps Sue) knows what it will be.  This time, old bowling pins.  Five set up on the A-frame.  As many shots it took to knock them down.  Fastest time won.

Mystery Shoot - Bowling Pins.  Robert shows us how!

Larry Oth has a new trophy - what a keeper!  A shot up bowling pin.
Larry shot a winning 5.40 on the bowling pins Mystery Shoot

A huge thank you to Keith and Rita Hinchman for providing an awesome 
pulled pork lunch complete with all the fixings.  They cooked the pork all day Friday, and brought a picnic basket full of foodies for us to enjoy.  YUM!!!

Once again, thanks to everyone who attended the shoot out 
we believe this was our largest turnout yet!

Don't forget to shoot safe and have fun!

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