Monday, February 1, 2016

Gun range schedule

IOC is still digging.

Tuesday morning - Beginners shoot at Shooter's Alley at 11:00 am. Come to shoot and then eat lunch at the range.

Wednesday evening - Winter Texan Wild Bunch shoots radical at Shooter's Alley - $15 per shooter. Be trigger ready at 7:00 pm. Come to eat at 6:00. .22 welcome. No holster needed.

Thursday morning - Ladies Only - 10:00 am or after breakfast at the range IOC permitting.

Friday afternoon SHOOTOUT at the range - 1:00 pm IOC permitting.
We will shoot a dart board for points and then play a little poker. No timed events Friday.
$5.00 per target.
$1.00 for mystery shoot.
Temp to be high 60 - perfect!

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