Thursday, February 4, 2016

Shootout Friday Afternoon at 1:00 pm

We are going to shoot a dart board Friday afternoon down at the gun range. I have attached the target for you to look at before we shoot.

The value of each pie shaped wedge is printed on the outside circle. The point value for the wedge doubles for hits in the inner circle.
Hits in the orange Bullseye are worth 50 points.
5 shots per target
$5.00 per target
Classes are:
    Rimfire pistol iron sights
    Rimfire pistol optic sight
    Center fire pistol iron sight

Shooters are handicapped. If you won once before this season, you shoot at 11 yards. Everyone else except Billie shoots at 7 yards.
Billie shoots from Mexico.

The Mystery Shoot will be a poker game.

NOTE: Nick Rhodes and I had a discussion. The Rhodes family has given permission to Border Patrol and police to shot at our range. This is good public relations. If you see someone shooting at the range without a range pass, ask to see their badge. If they have a badge, give them a welcome and tell them about the flags.  Border Patrol officers are always courteous. They will probably be shooting with their families.

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