Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Activities this week

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Our shooting season is winding down. We have three Wild Bunch Wednesday evening sessions remaining this spring at Shooter's Alley. Be trigger ready at 7:00 pm.

The ladies only session is Thursday morning at the range. 10:00 am or after breakfast.

The last shootout will be Saturday morning at 10:00. I have a hostage target which should be interesting. No lunch is planned.

Monday evening, March 21, is our closing dinner. Ruby's brisket is the meat. At this point we have 72 attending. But we haven't heard from about 50 of you. Please respond to the evite link below or email Bonnie or I about your attendance.

If you haven't purchased your dinner tickets yet, please do so Wednesday at the Retama Clubhouse.

I had a chance to preview Bonnie's video from this season. It's even better than last year. Be sure to thank Bonnie for all the work she puts into this production!

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

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