Friday, April 1, 2016

March Gun Range Finance Report

March 2016 Gun Range Finance Report


$807.21 Balance on Hand February 29, 2016


$ 50.00 Donation from Bob & Kathy Barnett

$ 20.00 Range Fee

$558.00 Range Dinner Ticket Sales

$454.00 Range T-shirt Sales


$1,082.00 Income for March



$    7.94 Office Max for Green Shooting Cards at Dinner

$     6.40 Range Dinner Dessert

$356.22 Door Prize Drawing – S&W .22 Victory

$     5.00 FFL Transfer Fee

$   24.95 Range Dinner Paper Supplies

$359.00 Range Dinner Brisket from Rudy's

$  84.00   Range Dinner Costco for Corn & Beans

$763.70 da Range T-Shirts

$1607.21 Expenses for March


$525.21 Expense over Income for March


$282.00 Balance on Hand March 31, 2016

Notes to the March finance report:

1) If you do the math, you will see that the Gun Range Dinner showed a profit of $75.21.  Please note that Ell and Pat Stewart made and donated all the cole slaw, and that Donna and Ted Rogers made all the brownies for dessert for a cost of $6.40. The potatoes were donated from Toppa Hoppa.

2) The "da Range" t-shirts show a loss of $309.70. Note that about 20 shirts were given away as door prizes at the dinner and that we have shirts in inventory which we will offer for sale in the fall. (if you want one now, email Bonnie)

3) The polyfoam target backers seem to be working much better than the wooden 6x6. We will order some more of these in April for use next fall.  That purchase should pretty much zero out our account.

++++ The project that we wanted to accomplish this season was caliche on the dirt road.  Thanks to the Rhodes family, we now have a road that we can drive on if it rains.  The project we are thinking about next year is a sun shade over part or all of the shooting tables.

Thank you to all "da Range" members and friends for a great season!

Shoot safe,

Niles Deden

(651) 380-9112




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