Monday, October 31, 2016

November Gun Range Registration

It's November, and time to start the formal activities at the gun range.  The range passes you received last year expire this month, so the first order of business is gun range registration.

The first registration is Saturday, November 5th.  The second registration will be Monday, November 14.  The location will be the Retama Clubhouse.  Each day has two times.  The first session at 9:30 am is for folks who have not watched the safety video before.  This is the "Newbies" group.  You will watch the original safety video.
The second session at 10:15 is for old hands who have watched the original video at least once.  Bonnie has produced a new video called "Advanced Technique and Safety" which builds on what you already know.  Newbies are invited to stay and watch the second video.

Shooting at the Gun Range  requires all shooters to watch a gun range safety video, sign the range waiver and pay an annual maintenance fee/donation of $35 for individual or $50 for family and their guests.

Shooting at our gun range is a privilege granted by Mike Rhodes on his property. It is not a right.  Eight years ago, we started shooting at a dirt pile.  Shooting was informal and free.  Today we are approaching 150 shooters. Safety has become our prime concern.  In eight years, we have not had anyone get hurt on the range.  We work very hard to continue a safe shooting environment.

We have heard complaints that our range is becoming too structured - that there are too many rules.  Safety comes from structure.  We follow NRA safety rules and range guidelines.  The rules we have are the same rules you will find in any gun range in any state in the US.  We want you to be safe on our range and we want you to be safe at Shooters Alley, Point Blank, or at any other commercial range.

Bonnie, Jack, and I have completed the NRA Basic Pistol Instruction course and we are certified as Range Safety Officers by the NRA.  With this training comes an obligation to help keep fellow shooters safe.  We are not policemen, we are safety officers.  If someone talks to you about something that you could be doing safer, do NOT be offended.  Learn from the experience and move forward.

A lot of times, we do something unsafe not because we don't know better, but because we are thinking about something else.  Let me give you an example:
Two weeks ago I was shooting at a gun range in Burnsville, MN with some classmates.  One of the classmates was a forty year old female Air Force pilot.  She has had a lot of military gun training.  However, in the middle of the outer lobby of the gun range, she pulls her pistol out of her gun bag and fiddles with it next to 20 people.  She was thinking about something else.
My point is, anyone can do something unsafe at times. If you get called on a safety issue, learn from it, move forward, and shoot another day.

A note about the range fee: none of the range fee money goes to pay any person.  All of the work done connected to the range is done by volunteers.  Volunteers, thank you very much for your help.

This year we are going to move the shotgun area further to the east and rotate the shooting more towards the camera tower to put more separation between the shotguns and the pistols.  Mark Hall is back this year and will be helping Gary Scofield and Ted Rogers.

We are going to move one 7 yard target to the east and add a second 11 yard pistol target.

We are going to move the steel targets from the east side on the rifle range to the west side of the rifle range. Tom Altwine will be the team leader for rifle activities.

Our big project is to put a fabric sun shade over the shooting benches.

This gun range email goes out to all our shooters from last season.  If you are not going to be here this year or want to be dropped from the group, please email me direct at

Shoot Safe,
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

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