Monday, November 28, 2016

Wednesday Action Shoot

We are going to have an action shoot the first two Wednesdays in December, Dec 7 and Dec 14.

Beginning action shooters are very welcome. You can shoot .22's. You do not need a holster. An extra mag or two would be helpful.

Bring your gun, glasses, hearing protection and about 100 rounds of ammo. Please be trigger ready by 7:00 pm. Cost is $15 per shooter.

If you are uncertain, come and watch for a while.
 Spectators are welcome.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Shootout Results

We had about 30 shooters and guests down at the gun range. The weather was just about perfect.
Thank you to Mark Hall for cooking bratwurst.
Thanks to Kathy and Bob Barnett for being our scorers.
Thanks to Sue Deden and Colleen Wendell for doing registration.
The RO thanks our shooters for making his job easy. Ya'll were safe shooters. We had expected some issues at the first shootout, but you were perfect!

Mark Hall won $10 for best newbie pistol.

Ladies open sight was Joann Carson first, Pat Stewart second.
Ladies red dot sight was Linda Hall first and Billie Oth second.  Linda now shoots with Billie from Mexico.  Billie actually brought her passport to the shootout.

Men's open sight was Mark Hall first and a 5 way tie for second. Gary Maybe, Don C, Moshe, Brett Ewer, and Bruce Hall had a shootout for second place money. Brett hit nine out of ten pins to win.

Men's red dot was Dennis Duford first and Don Peoples second.

The Mystery Shoot was shooting five clay shotgun targets. Joann Carson hit all five.

Thank you all for a great day of shooting!

Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

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Friday, November 25, 2016

Shootout Saturday

Just a reminder that our first shootout is tomorrow  (Saturday) morning at 10:00.

We will be shooting at a paper bowling pin target. Ten pins - ten shots. The person who hits the most pins wins.  The cost is $5.00 per target. You can buy multiple targets.

You can shoot red dots, but no scopes with magnification.

We will have a special cash prize  ($10) for high score for a first time shooter, someone who hasn't shot in one of our contests before.

You will shoot this year from the distance you shot last year. If you finished last year at 11 yards, you start this year at 11 yards.  Billie, bring your passport . 

Dortha and Mark Hall will be cooking bratwurst for lunch. Bring your own non-alcoholic beverage and your lawn chair.

Be sure to sign up for the mystery shoot. The best dollar you will ever spend.

See you all on Saturday!

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden 
(651) 380-9112

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Shotgun shoot

Because of a schedule conflict the shoot next week has been moved to Monday 11/21 at 10:00 AM. We will be back on schedule on Tues. 11/29  at 10:00 AM

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shotgun updates

The sun is finally out and this morning the shotgun shooters have tested out their new layout.  They will be meeting at 10A every Tuesday, if interested contact Gary Scoffield or Mark Hall.

Mark donated a battery operated thrower, he built a 4-wheel dolly to help with the moving to and from the range — it looks like its working quite well.  Its great to have Mark back, he has been away for a couple of years and is a great addition to our range community.

With the new configuration of the shotgun course, we are able to shoot pistol and shotgun at the same time. Shotgun will have their set of range commands.  The ladies were down at the range this morning and didn't experience any conflict with the two sections shooting simultaneously. 

The trauma medical kit has been painted orange and permantly installed at the bag bench, there is a paddock lock on the box.  the lockbox code is 911, this should be simple to remember.  Again, this is an emergency, gun shot wound trauma kit, you will not find band-aides inside this box.  

We want to remind everyone about our range blog.  This blog will keep our updated calendar, announcements and of course photos.  We have classified section for the selling of gun related equipment - there are some great guns for sale!.

We suggest creating a bookmark on your computer.  Check it out at 

Don't forget we have a range registration Tuesday Nov 22. starting at 9:30 … arrive early and stay for both videos.  
And, we have our first shoot out Saturday, after Thanksgiving, 10A.

Monday, November 14, 2016

For sale: Reloading supplies

.308 Winchester/7.62 NATO and .38/.357 Lee Hand Press and Dies for both for sale. 
Includes a Lee powder measure set. (Missing one spoon) and chamfering tool.
Would like $50.

Hand Press new @ Amazon is about $33.00 to $46.00

Die sets run right at $35 to$55 each.

Chamfering/deburring tool about $5 to $20.

Powder measure kit about $10.

Jim Kyes 
2113 Kingfisher Ln

Friday, November 11, 2016

Shotgun shoot

First shotgun shoot is set for 11/15 at 1000

Thanks to all the great workers for their efforts & skills in getting the range ready for this season. 
Gary Scoffield 

Veteran's Day Update

Thank you to all our Veterans!

Last Saturday we had about 50 members watch the combination of old safety video and new safety video. Bonnie does a great job on these videos.

You won't recognize the gun range, it is looking so good!

1) Thanks to the Rhodes crew for mowing the entire field. Nothing looks as neat as a fresh mower job.
2) Thanks to Mark Hall.  He turned the shotgun range counter clockwise so that the shotguns are shooting east while the pistols are shooting south.  We hope that this will allow the shotguns and the pistols to shoot at the same time with separate range commands.       The shotgun group will shoot Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am
3) Thanks to Larry Oth, Tony Knitter, Mark Hall, and Bonnie Fogg. This afternoon we rebuilt the pistol target stands and replaced the foam target backers. We added two 11 yard targets and one 15 yard target.
4) We rebuilt the 25 yard rifle target. The 50 yard target gets rebuilt Saturday.

We put roofing nails in the top of the foam backers for you to use to fasten your paper targets. Staples won't stick in the foam. Please put the nails back on top of the foam when you take your targets down.

Tom Altwine is working on a rifle shootout.

The first pistol shootout is Saturday, November 26th.

We have scheduled the next gun range sign up for November 22nd. First time members come at 9:30. Previous members come at 10:15.

Shoot Safe!
Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Gun Range Registration Date Change

Yep, we need to make a date change due to a conflict.

The November 14 registration is being moved to November 22, Tuesday.  We will be set up by 9am, safety video starts at 9:30.

The second safety video will start at 10:15.

Hope to see you then,
Shoot safe

Monday, November 7, 2016

Re: Fwd: Long Rifle shooting at Da' Range

Good Morning Range Shooters!

I've purchased some specialty tools to customize the S&W MP 15-22.  These tools allow for the removal of the factory handguard allowing for modification to different handguard configuration from free floating to 2 piece style.  

If interested feel free to contact me about this & any other pistol or rifle concerns or questions.

Alex Gonzales III

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Long Rifle shooting at Da' Range

For those of you who are not here yet, or have not attended the sign-up/video meeting yet, a little update. My name is Tom Altwine. I am going to head up or organize the rifle shooting at our range this season. I would welcome any input you would like to share on this subject. Some questions I have for you would be:

How often would you want these shoots,  i.e. Once a month, bi-weekly, weekly?

Just for fun, competition, or a mix?

Maybe some 25/50 yd charcoal or 100 yd steel?

What groups would you be interested in: rim fire with iron sights, or optical.    Or
Center fire, with iron sights or optical? Or both?

Any interest in 300 yards?

Any interest in a women's only, men's only shooting day?

Any other ideas or suggestions, or comments?

If you will make a list of your answers (in the above order) I will compile them and get going on the most popular groups first. My goal is to make something available for everyone though.
The quicker I get your list of interests, the quicker I will get something going, hopefully that you will like and enjoy!
You can text me or heck, just give me a call.  307-214-0423 .  If I am not home, leave me a message and I'll get back to you.

Oh yeah, one more thing:  GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!!
Tom Altwine