Saturday, November 5, 2016

Long Rifle shooting at Da' Range

For those of you who are not here yet, or have not attended the sign-up/video meeting yet, a little update. My name is Tom Altwine. I am going to head up or organize the rifle shooting at our range this season. I would welcome any input you would like to share on this subject. Some questions I have for you would be:

How often would you want these shoots,  i.e. Once a month, bi-weekly, weekly?

Just for fun, competition, or a mix?

Maybe some 25/50 yd charcoal or 100 yd steel?

What groups would you be interested in: rim fire with iron sights, or optical.    Or
Center fire, with iron sights or optical? Or both?

Any interest in 300 yards?

Any interest in a women's only, men's only shooting day?

Any other ideas or suggestions, or comments?

If you will make a list of your answers (in the above order) I will compile them and get going on the most popular groups first. My goal is to make something available for everyone though.
The quicker I get your list of interests, the quicker I will get something going, hopefully that you will like and enjoy!
You can text me or heck, just give me a call.  307-214-0423 .  If I am not home, leave me a message and I'll get back to you.

Oh yeah, one more thing:  GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!!
Tom Altwine

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