Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Shootout Results

We had about 30 shooters and guests down at the gun range. The weather was just about perfect.
Thank you to Mark Hall for cooking bratwurst.
Thanks to Kathy and Bob Barnett for being our scorers.
Thanks to Sue Deden and Colleen Wendell for doing registration.
The RO thanks our shooters for making his job easy. Ya'll were safe shooters. We had expected some issues at the first shootout, but you were perfect!

Mark Hall won $10 for best newbie pistol.

Ladies open sight was Joann Carson first, Pat Stewart second.
Ladies red dot sight was Linda Hall first and Billie Oth second.  Linda now shoots with Billie from Mexico.  Billie actually brought her passport to the shootout.

Men's open sight was Mark Hall first and a 5 way tie for second. Gary Maybe, Don C, Moshe, Brett Ewer, and Bruce Hall had a shootout for second place money. Brett hit nine out of ten pins to win.

Men's red dot was Dennis Duford first and Don Peoples second.

The Mystery Shoot was shooting five clay shotgun targets. Joann Carson hit all five.

Thank you all for a great day of shooting!

Niles Deden
(651) 380-9112

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