Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shotgun updates

The sun is finally out and this morning the shotgun shooters have tested out their new layout.  They will be meeting at 10A every Tuesday, if interested contact Gary Scoffield or Mark Hall.

Mark donated a battery operated thrower, he built a 4-wheel dolly to help with the moving to and from the range — it looks like its working quite well.  Its great to have Mark back, he has been away for a couple of years and is a great addition to our range community.

With the new configuration of the shotgun course, we are able to shoot pistol and shotgun at the same time. Shotgun will have their set of range commands.  The ladies were down at the range this morning and didn't experience any conflict with the two sections shooting simultaneously. 

The trauma medical kit has been painted orange and permantly installed at the bag bench, there is a paddock lock on the box.  the lockbox code is 911, this should be simple to remember.  Again, this is an emergency, gun shot wound trauma kit, you will not find band-aides inside this box.  

We want to remind everyone about our range blog.  This blog will keep our updated calendar, announcements and of course photos.  We have classified section for the selling of gun related equipment - there are some great guns for sale!.

We suggest creating a bookmark on your computer.  Check it out at 

Don't forget we have a range registration Tuesday Nov 22. starting at 9:30 … arrive early and stay for both videos.  
And, we have our first shoot out Saturday, after Thanksgiving, 10A.

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