Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gun Range Events December

December's calendar means our shooting programs are beginning ….  we have some new programs, so please read on!

Dec 6: Shotgun Shooting 10A.  If you haven't been down, you need to see the reconfiguration of the shotgun area.  Mark Hall donated a new thrower and the shotgunners are beginning to look pretty darn good.   

Dec 7: Winter Texan Wild Bunch! 7pm Shooters Alley $15,  This is the first night of the season, and everyone is welcome to try out action pistol shooting.  It's easy and it's fun and your shooting will improve.  Come for dinner, they serve the best burgers in the Valley!

DATE: Change:  Dec 13 - 11am:  
Dec 9 : Markmanship Program Starts 10Am   This program is new this year and designed to improve your pistol shooting skills.  The group will meet once a month and will follow the NRA Markmanship Program.  First targets will be 10 paper plates with 5 shots in each —Men and ladies.  We will explain the program and targets will be provided each month.  Did we mention this is FREE!

Dec 10:  Steel Shooting  Coyote Arms, Big Five Road, Edinburg. $10  We have steel plates now at our range, so practice up and join us for a fun morning of timed steel shooting.  Some shooters are slow … thats the best way to start.  Your eye and hand coordination skill will improve with shooting steel!  Let's car pool!  
Dec 12:  Rifle Begins! 10A  Yep, find that 'ol' trusty rifle, dust it off and find the ammo — we will be shooting rifle.  Targets are provided.

Dec 13:  Shotgun shooting 10A.  Come down and watch … it's pretty amazing stuff they do!

Dec 14: Ladies Morning  Wednesdays! 10A (new day)  Ladies will meet every other Wednesday, a new day of the week.  This is time to keep the hubby at home and ask the gals for help.  We giggle and laugh, and at the end of the morning you will probably have learned something too.

Dec 14: Winter Texan Wild Bunch 7pm Shooters Alley, $15.  Try it, you might like it!  We shoot 2-3 sets of targets, there is a little movement, and yes, its a challenge but the staff at Shooters Alley make sure you come out a winner!  Come early for dinner - its delicious.

Dec 17:  Pistol Challenge Shoot-out  10A  @ the range.  Targets $5 each with a $1 mystery shoot.  Lunch included for badge holders.

Dec 20:  Gun Range Registration:  9:30A @ club house.  

Shotgun shooting 10A. Yep, they shoot every Tuesday morning!  What fun!

Dec. 28: Ladies Only Morning 10A  Ladies only in the morning and there will be something new to learn.  Come join us, we have fun!

Dec 31: Just Shoot!   9:30   Yep it's an early start - but come when you want.  Bring your coffee - we have the donuts, until they run out! We are justing shooting because we can!. 

In January we will hold the Swap Meet.  Last season we had a great turn out of items for sale — we need the buyers for this to be a success!  Mark your calendar!

We will begin the rusty shooters morning and for those wanting to shoot steel we will have some training sessions, plus another registration day and some new programs that are going to be excellent.

Keep checking our blog for more updates

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