Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Markmanship Shoot Friday 10:00 am

Tony Knitter is back from Christmas visits and is planning a plate shoot on Friday at 10:00

1) If you want to be part of the Markmanship program and haven't started yet, come on down Friday.

2) Have plates to turn in? You can do that on Friday.

3) If you have plates to shoot, Friday is the day.

4) Pat Stewart has received 600 AP-2 targets. A pdf of the target is attached. Note the point scoring on the pdf.

5) On Friday, the team will give you a preview on how to shoot and score the AP-2 target. (We will do the same program the first Friday in January) Some of our shooters want to move faster into the higher levels, so this Friday gives you a chance to pickup targets and do just that. Also with 30+ shooters, we need to spread people out a little.

The team will talk about a pair of targets. A pair of targets is one target shot strong hand and one target shot weak hand. A pair of targets should be shot in one session. But pairs can be spread out over multiple sessions. (You don't have to shoot all five pairs at the same time.)

Can't come on Friday? No problem, the program is designed for you to shoot at your own pace.

The next four levels require you to shoot with a two handed grip, weak hand on the trigger.
You should practice shooting weak hand. Those that do it say it is not as hard as is sounds. The team will talk about weak hand grip on Friday.

Thanks for all the interest you have shown in the NRA Marksmanship Program.

Questions?  Talk to:
Tony Knitter - Co-Team Leader
Jim Hinrichs - Co-Team Leader
Bonnie Fogg - Instructor
Jack Mayer - Instructor

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