Tuesday, January 10, 2017

General Info

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Several people have asked for Alex's Gonzales' contact, the "contact page" on the blog now has his phone number. Alex is our Border Patrol friend and gun smith.

We will be holding steel shooting every other week beginning in February.  This is a super fun style of shooting and is a great way to improve the eye, hand and sight coordination.  First meeting will be an introduction to steel and the rules.

There is a competition steel shoot at Coyote Arms Range this Saturday….. let's carpool! 

RIFLE SHOOT - Mondays!
I got a call from Tom Altwine

No one showed up for Rifle …..
Tom brought his neighbor, while they waited they picked up brass.  He said the 22's were everywhere, 100's and 100's.  Mark of shooting is picking up your brass.
He shot the charcoal for the first time…. he's hooked!  Lets go shoot charcoal next Monday??

Don't forget the swap meet on January 21st.
This is the time to clean out the gear you don't need.  But!!  We need buyers too.  Please make sure to stop by and check the gear out.  There will be a FREE table.  There could be some treasures out there.  Also, there will be items that go "BANG"!   Donuts will be served, until they run out.   

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