Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Ladies Basic Pistol Instruction

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January 11 & January 25

A ladies basic pistol introduction class is being given by Bonnie Fogg/Niles Deden.  This class is designed for the newest of shooters, one who has never shot a gun, or perhaps is afraid of guns.  This class follows the NRA Basic Pistol course and includes classroom and range time.  

Students will be introduced to:  

  • Firearm and Range safety.
  • Explain range commands and procedures to follow.
  • Fundamentals including determination of dominant eye, assuming a proper two-handed grip, and demonstrating the five fundamentals of pistol shooting.
  • Loading, cocking, de-cocking, unloading, and pistol maintenance.
  • Shooting positions (both bench rest and the two-handed grip) and shooting qualifications.
  • Safely shoot a target from the bench rest and the two-handed standing position.
There are two spaces available, the cost is $50.
The January class is for ladies only (we will have a men's class soon).

Eye and ear protection, a properly functioning pistol/ammo, and pistol bag are required.  For ladies we recommend a 22LR pistol.  Pistols are available.

If interested, please contact Bonnie Fogg 630-688-3594, bfogg2105@gmail.com 

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