Tuesday, February 21, 2017

22LR challenge -this Saturday!

Hi all

Tried shooting  charcoal with your 22LR?
Want to try a 22LR challenge this Saturday at Coyote Arms Shooting range in Edinburg!
Are any of your guys interested in trying this??
Robert Gillis and I are thinking of going!!!  Any more takers?

We're having our 22LR MC match on 2/25/17 hammer down at 10am. Leave Retama at 8-30a

If you all are interested in joining or just to watch, please come on by. Planning on shooting? please sign up at: 

Stages usually run about 8-10 stages, depending on how manu shooters joins. Stages are as follows: 3 stages with paper target that generally go from 30-50 yrds. Splitting playing cards, toothpick and matchsticks at 30 yrds. 5 individual metal targets with color stands, were you pick a card and shoot target in order of color from the card and usually from 30-75 yrds. Sometimes we shoot dumdum lollipops at 50 yards, or shooting an pill glued on top of a matchstick heads, but must only hit pill and no not breaking or grease mark matchstick to score. And shoot a large plate rack with 8 tartgers from 4" down to 1/2", and small plate rack with 8 targets from 2" down to 1/4" from 30 to 50 yds.

It's really fun once you try it.

Contact Tom Altwine 307-214-0423 ttaltwine@gmail.com
Or, Bonnie Fogg. 630-688-3594 bfogg2105@gmail.com 

Hope to see y'all at the range! 

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