Saturday, February 18, 2017

Practiscore results

Image 1 shows the penalty points for the shotgun teams.

Image 2 shows the combined results of all the shooters. The lower the score, the lower the time. Lowest score wins.
Team A had the lowest score (fastest time) of 169 points.
Congratulations to Team A. The shooters present voted to pay all the entry money to the winning team. Team A won $115 to divide up.
Team A is Brad Schierer, Judy McGavic, David McGavic, and Bonnie Fogg. They probably will use the prize money to buy more ammo.

This was the first time we have shot a team event. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Consensus is we need more pratice for timed events.

The next practice steel shoot is next Thursday at 9:30. Brings lots of ammo.

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