Sunday, February 12, 2017

This week, Feb 13

Tuesday morning: shotgun shooters at 10:00 am. 9 shooters last week. Hope it doesn't rain on you.

Friday morning 10 to noon: practice time to finish up the level you are on for the Marksmanship Program.  We need to draw a line and order tje awards for our March dinner.
You can continue with the program after Friday, even into next season, but we need to get awards ordered.

There is a shootout Saturday morning at 10:00 at da Range. Participation is dropping off, so we are trying a new team competition.
Randomly picked teams will have one shotgun shooter, one rifle shooter, and one pistol shooter. The scoring will be a combination of targets hit and time. Entry fee is $5 per shooter. Prize money paid to the team.
Bring your favorite gun or two and $5 bills.

You will put your name in either a shotgun, a rifle, or a pistol bucket. A name will be drawn from each bucket, and those 3 shooters become a team.

Shoot safe,

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