Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Welcome new shooters

Monday was a busy morning at the range, we had 11 ladies who completed their Basic Pistol Class with the live fire portion of their class.  To say that we a GREAT group of new lady shooters is actually an understatement.  They were AWESOME!!

Their attention to detail, following instructions and getting the job done allowed them plenty of trigger time and getting familiar with pistol shooting.  Their paper targets were FILLED with holes by the end of the morning.
What I enjoyed the most was watching their growth during the class.  Many had never handled pistols, or were extremely nervous, or simply didn't understand how much fun shooting can be.  At the end of the class, they were eager to shoot more, and everyone had a big smile!
At the close of this season we have 15 new lady shooters — I know everyone will make them feel welcome and will give a lending hand when needed.

Special thanks to the supporting instructors, Niles, Jack and Dennis.  Breaking our ladies into smaller teams allowed everyone to have the support they needed and kept our range safe!

Hats off ladies to a job well done!

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