Sunday, March 5, 2017

da Range Housekeeping

Have some range updates and housekeeping!

The last email blast on Shooting Range Etiquette has problems with the link.   Here's the article on our  blog

Over the past couple of weeks there has been an increasing amount of brass left on the ground, including those pesky 22LR.  
However, the last couple of days the firing line has been spotless.  THANK YOU to those who pick of their brass plus the extra's that are laying around.  It makes a huge difference.  Thank you!

This Thursday at 9:30am we are getting together to have another instructional class on Shooting Steel, starting at 9:30a. Jack and Bonnie will be offering tips.  Interested?  Come down, bring a chair and watch.  It's easy,  fun - some say almost additive! The interest is growing!!  Some shooters are practicing nearly every day!  Just in time for our first official Steel Challenge later this month.  Bonnie's Victory had some custom work done by Striplin Custom …   She can hardly wait to see how it works, and will let 'ya try her out!

Pistol Marksmanship results were submitted to the NRA. If you have extra AP targets we can sure use them!  We have shooters who are starting or continuing on their levels. Any spare targets should be given to Bonnie or Niles for our next round of Marksmanship shooters.

Our 'da range Banquet" e-vites were sent out on Sunday.  If you did not receive a copy, check your spam, or let Bonnie know, we will make sure an e-vite is sent.  Please RSVP through the e-vite.  For those who are heading home early, your name will be in the drawing for the Henry Rifle.  
We could use some help with cooking, while our menu is simple, we'd like to spread the tasks!  Contact Bonnie or Niles.

Safe shooting, our weather couldn't be more perfect!

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