Friday, March 17, 2017

Mini Precision Rifle Series. April 1, 2017

Hey rifle shooters !!

22lr match based on the Precision Rifle Series Rule set. Matches will consist of positional shooting on .5 - 2 MOA targets out to 200 yards.

Matches will be designed so that high end equipment will be challenged but a starter rig will still have fun.

A decent 10 power scope and a rifle that shoots 1 MOA will be plenty to get started playing.

There will also be different divisions in order to keep the playing field even and fun. Open Bolt and Open Semi will be any rifle/scope over $1000 retail. Production Bolt and Production Semi will be rifle/ scope under $1000 combined retail.

Where? Coyote Arms Shooting Center
When? April 1st, 2017 (no this isn't a joke) 9am hammer down!
How much? $20
Why? Because it's fun!


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