Tuesday, March 14, 2017

T Shirts and More

Don't forget tomorrow!  da Range T-Shirt sale! Buy some for your family up north! Tomorrow Wednesday 1-3pm.
We have from the smallest small, to the biggest big in men's and the bling for ladies.  
Stop by Bonnie's house 3903 Pelican Way, for a glass of cold margarita and visit with friends.
A big pitcher awaits those who come early ... supplies while they last.

Thanks to the guys who worked on our steel plates, they are tightened and grease.  So warning, when moving the plates, the grease will get on your hands, and could end up on you grips!  Be forewarned.

Anyone interested in doing some drills on steel, tomorrow Wednesday morning??  9:30-ish?

Please don't forget to RSVP to the range dinner. Evites were sent out, but some haven't received the email.
Here is the hard copy.  Please RSVP via e-vites or to Bonnie Fogg.

Range is looking awesome - thanks for the brass pick up.  There are plenty of buckets now, thanks Randy!!

Shoot safe.

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