Thursday, September 14, 2017

Retama banned from gun range

Carol Barnes had a meeting with Mike Rhodes today that did not go well.
Last fall, Bonnie and I had a meeting with Mike Rhodes in his office. We talked about who could shoot at the range, because at the time we had Tanglewood residents wanting to use the range. Last fall Mike told me that only residents/renters of Retama and Bentsen Palm, and badge holders (Mission Police and Border Patrol) could use the range. Anyone else was trespassing and we should call Mission Police. Mike also said Glen Anderson was specifically excluded from range use.
One day last spring, Jesse Rocha, a Rhodes employee, was shooting at the range. He had an orange range pass from several years ago. He said that Mike had given him permission to shoot several years ago. I told him the rules had changed and that he needed a current range pass, which he could get from Bentsen Palm, and he needed written permission from Mike. He left the range heading to Bentsen Palm.
I didn't hear anything more about the issue until Carol Barnes called me this summer saying she had talked to Jesse Rocha on the street. I gave Carol the story and told her all Jesse needed to shoot was a permission slip from Mike Rhodes.
Carol Barnes had a meeting with Mike Rhodes today. The subject of Jesse Rocha came up. Mike was very angry that a Rhodes employee was not allowed to use the gun range.
When Carol called me this noon, I had a contractor installing a new septic system at my house. I didn't have time today to deal with what I thought was a simple misunderstanding. I asked Bonnie Fogg to call and talk to Mike.
Bonnie called Mike and told him what I had done. Mike got even angrier and told her that all of Retama was banned from the gun range.
Unfortunately all of you are being punished for something that you did not know about and that you had nothing to do with. This issue is totally my fault.
Hopefully when Mike looks at this issue again he will realise that he should tar and feather me and ban me from the range rather than all of you.
Until you hear differently from Mike, no Retama residents shooting at the range.

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden

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