Tuesday, October 24, 2017

NRA Rifle and NRL 22 Rifle

Last season we shot the NRA/Winchester pistol marksmanship course. 17 of our pistol shoots qualified as "Distinguished Expert". That program will continue this year. If you started the program last season and didn't finish, you can pick up from where you left off. If you didn't participate last year and want too, you can start from the beginning.

The NRA pistol was a lot of fun, so we are going to do a NRA rifle qualification this season, probably starting in December.
Please note the letters "NRA" is the National Rifle Association. This is a marksmanship program.

The second group is the NRL 22 league. "NRL" is the National Rifle League. NRL is a precision shooting competition. A subdivision of the NRL is the NRL 22. They have a subdivision just for .22 rimfire shooters.
NRL 22 has two classes of rifles. The "Base" class is a stock, off the shelf rifle with a MSRP of $350 or less. The gun, scope, and accesories must have a MSRP of less than $1,000. These are your Rugers, Remingtons, and Savages. CZ .22 rifles are specifically excluded.
The "Open" class has no money limit. Spend as much as your spouse will allow.

Bonnie has our range qualified to hold sanctioned competitions, typically one per month. Card carring NRL22 members have their scores posted on the national level. Non-members shoot for bragging rights. A NRL22 membership costs $50 per year. 
You can go to NRL22.ORG for more info.

NRA is marksmanship
NRL is competition

All the above leads to the fact that to get NRL scores posted for October, we need to shoot in October.
Our first NRL shoot will be Monday morning, October 30, at 8:00 in the morning. The early time is to minimise the wind.
The next NRL22 shoot will be the end of November.

Hopefully Jim and Tony will do the NRA pistol and rifle scoring again this season. We need a NRA Coordinator to keep targets on hand and to organize the shooters.

We need a NRL coordinator  to set up the stages and organize the practices. At each NRL competition  we need a spotter and a score keeper.

Bottom line - bring your .22 rimfires when coming south.

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden

Note: The NRL22 group is brand new this year. Pat and Bonnie have membership numbers in the 90's. My membership number is 105. We are getting in at the ground floor here.

Coyote Gun Range is also holding NRL22 monthly matches. Mark Self is the coordinator there.

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