Saturday, November 4, 2017

KYL (Know Your Limits)

The info on the KYL (Know Your Limit) steel contest reprinted below is from the Utah gun club that started this type of target and contest for .22 rimfire. We have KYL steel on order. We will pretty much follow the rules below.  Note these are the rules from the Utah club.

The KYL Match is designed to test your knowledge of current shooting conditions, and your own capabilities.  Your firearm, ammo, weather, etc..., will have to be factored in.  

KYL is a match for 22 long rifle, rim-fire firearms.  
It may be shot with rifles or handguns.  Any sighting system is allowed.

Targets are swinging steel targets at 25 yards.  8 targets from 2" dia. to ¼" dia. in ¼" increments.  Target value goes up as size goes down.  60 second time limit.  Targets must be shot in order, largest to smallest.  Target must visibly "swing" to be counted as a hit (Range Officials decision is final).  If a target is shot at and missed, you lose all accumulated points for that round.  If a target is shot out of order, you lose all points for that round.  You may stop at any time and keep all points earned for that round.  If time runs out and you have not missed, you keep your points for that round.

  • Match is 3 rounds, 2 back to back, and a final.  Score for match is total of all 3 rounds.
  • NO COACHING – Shooter is responsible for hitting correct target, spotting misses, doping wind, etc...
  • No scores will be announced until the end of the match.
  • Matches start at 1:00 pm, Safety briefing starts at 12:30 pm.
  • Matches are held the first Wednesday and the third Sunday of the month.
  • All KYL General safety rules must be followed.
  • Eye and Hearing protection is required for all shooters and spectators.
  • All firearms will be 22 long rifle rimfire, shooting LEAD BULLETS ONLY.
  • Chamber flags must be used.
  • All new shooters must show up ½ hour early for Safety Briefing.
  • Minimum age is 18 years old.
  • All Match participants must sign Waiver during sign in.
  • Chamber Flags are available from Match Officials
  • Always keep firearms pointed in a safe direction
  • Always keep finger off trigger until ready to shoot
  • Always keep firearm unloaded until ready to shoot
  • Hearing and eye protection are required for both   Match participants and spectators
  • Do not use drugs or alcohol before or while shooting Smoking is not allowed on NCRGC property

Know Your Limit

(The days and times printed below are for the Utah club, not da Range)

All firearms will have a Chamber Safety Flag installed in the firearm chamber when brought onto range property.  Flag will remain in chamber at all times – Except while on firing position after the Shooter Load and Make Ready command has been given. The Chamber Flag will be re-installed before leaving firing position.

Violation of Safety Rules will result in Match disqualification and you will be required to leave the property.

The targets are scored as follows. #1=5 point, #2= 5 point, #3=5 point, #4=5 point, #5=5 point, #6=10 point, #7=15 point, #8=25 points total of 75 points if cleared. Just to update Bryces comment at the beginning of the video. The match is now maxed out at 60 shooters per month. Morning match of 30 shooters, Afternoon match of 30 shooters. Thats the max we can run in one day. Scores are compiled together

60 seconds 

The new rule is that the target has to swing for it to count.  It use to be that if it even nicked it they would count it.  No longer

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