Thursday, November 2, 2017

Saturday Registration

da Range 2017-2018 Range Registration is this Saturday.  You need the  waiver form, please print out, initial and sign the form and bring with you to registration.

We have four dozen donuts. Bring your coffee!

New badges are being issued and we have a new safety video.

9:00  Registration starts 
9:30  Range Updates and 2017-2018 programs
10:00 Range Safety Video
10:30 Q&A,
10:30 Range Updates and 2017-2018 programs (repeat)

All shooters are required to sign the gun range waiver.

We are collecting the range maintenance fee:  
       $35. single shooter, $50 for family. Cash and exact change please.  
Dortha Hall will be displaying and taking orders on some really nice da Range insulated mugs
and we will have our t-shirts for sale as well

All shooters are required to watch the Range Safety Video before receiving their 2017-2018 Range Badge.

We have a second registration on 21 November. 

Welcome to Marvin & Belinda Wade, our new, local, gun dealers.  They will be introduced Saturday morning.

See you Saturday.

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