Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Gun Range

January is just around the corner …. and our range calendar has been updated.

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Every Monday:  Rifle, we practice our NRL22 courses of fire.  

Every Tuesday:  Shotgun.  Bring your clay. Or, come down 'n watch, it's pretty amazing stuff they do!

January 3 : Stop the Bleed.  Learn first hard what to do shoultherebe be a gun shot wound, a terrible car accident …. anything to stop trauma bleeding.  Come early!

January 6: Pistol Shoot, our first of the season.  We have categories for all level of shooters, so if this is your first shooting event we encourage you to come.  Lunch will be served.    

January 11 & 18. Just Shoot!  Yep it's an early start - but come when you want.  Bring your coffee - we have the donuts, until they run out! We are justing shooting because we can!.   Ladies - come after breakfast!

January 20th Swap Meet. Clean out the closet, find that unused ammo and be prepared to swap a gun or two.  09:00 set up.  9:30 we serve donuts and start selling..  Last season we had a great turn out of items for sale — we need the buyers for this to be a success!  Mark your calendar!

January 25th, Basic Pistol Instruction - classroom begins.  This class has two sessions, classroom with hands on training, the second session is  live fire.  Contact Bonnie Fogg to learn more or sign up. A second class will be held in February.  

We have something for everyone.  Every other Wednesday we have the Ladies only morning.  This is time to keep the hubby at home and ask the gals for help.  We giggle and laugh, and at the end of the morning you will probably have learned something too.

There is also shooting and practicing our Steel Challenge a fast pace and timed event. Perfect training for eye, hand and trigger!

You will notice a new stand being constructed to the right of the firing line, this will be for long range shooting.  Watch for more details!

The range is open and ready for your use.  
Shoot safe. 

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