Monday, January 15, 2018

Funding Mabel

When we purchased the storage container (which Bonnie named Mabel) we decided not to use gun range funds because that large purchase would have used most of our budget for the year.  Instead, we decided to fund the purchase with private, individual donations.  

We paid $2050 to have Mabel delivered to the gun range.  Volunteers did the cleanup and painting with donated supplies.  We did purchase some shelving with gun range money.  

To date, we have received $1585 in cash donations.  We have a balance owed of $465.  We are going to try to pay off that balance this week.

Mabel serves her purpose very well.  The clay throwers and the clays are stored there.  The NRA targets and other free targets are stored inside.  The KYL and NRL22 steel targets are safely stored inside. All in all, Mabel is working very well.

Now that we are in the final push to getting her paid for, would you consider making a donation please.

You can contact:
Bonnie Fogg                       (630) 688-3594
Pat Stewart                        (505) 577-8147
Mark Hall                             (817) 991-6151
Niles Deden                       (651) 380-9112

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