Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pistol Shootout Saturday 10:30 am

The next pistol shoot at the gun range is this Saturday. The calendar says 9:30 but we are pushing THE START BACK TO 10:30 AM to let the temps warm up a little.

Any caliber pistol can be used.
Any sight that DOES NOT HAVE MAGNIFICATION can be used. Lasers and red dots are fine.
We have a special class for first time competitors and a special $10 prize. If you haven't competed before, come down Saturday.

We handicap shooters. Everyone starts at 7 yards. If you win at 7, you move to 11. If you win at 11, you move to 15 yards. If you win at 15 yards, you shoot with Billie into Mexico. These handicaps are lifetime.  Sorry Billie.
A target costs $5.00. If you are not happy with the results on your target, you may buy a second, or third target.

All target fees are paid back 100% as prizes. 60% to first place. 30% to second place. 10% consolation.

If we have enough participation, we divide into mens and ladies classes. With enough shooters, we subdivide into rimfire and center fire.
Without good participation, there is only one class.
We do not have a volunteer cook Saturday, so no lunch.

We had very good attendace at the Stop the Bleed class this morning. The presenters did an excellent job. The room was at capacity.

Bonnie and Keith are working on a gun shot first aid kit that you can order. Details will follow in a day or two.

Pat Stewart is gone on her Rose Bowl trip. The December finance report will be completed when she returns.

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden

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