Sunday, January 7, 2018

Saturday Shootout Results

Saturday morning was a perfect day to be on a gun range - sunny, warm, and no wind.
Perfect!  We had about a dozen shooters turnout. Thank you.

Jim Jackson won $10 for being the high score first time contestant.

Men's Rimfire: Ross Anderson 1st, Ted Rogers 2nd, Dennis Duford cons.

Men's Centerfire: Don Peoples 1st, Craig Wendell 2nd, Robert Gillis cons.

Ladies Rimfire: Coleen Wendell 1st, Billie Oth 2nd.

Ladies Centerfire: Lee Ann Wagner 1st, Michele Schram 2nd. This was Lee Ann's first competition. Congratulations!

For the Mystery Shoot, we shot clay targets at 7 yards. Colleen Wendell and Don Peoples both hit all 5 clays. We moved the targets to 11 yards. Don beat Colleen 3 to 2.
Good shooting, both of you.

Thank you to Bob and Kathy Barnett for scoring the targets.

Thank you to Billie Oth and Sue Deden for doing the registration and the prizes.

Thank you to Bonnie Fogg for being the RSO and keeping us all safe.

Thank you to our shooters. It was a good day.

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