Saturday, January 13, 2018

Swap Meet

'da RANGE SWAP MEET - Saturday Jan 20

This week we are focusing on 'da Range Swap meet. 
This is our third swap meet, we have lots of product, but need buys, so tell your Valley friends to come!  Yes, we are open to the public.

Time to find your gear, even if it's one piece, used equipment can be another person treasure, so consider swapping/selling it.  Have a half box of unused ammo, holsters, targets, t-shirts — anything that relates to shooting will be allowed.

Attached you will find a form, each item submitted must have a tag.  The tag includes the best detail of the item, price, and your name.  Be reasonable with your pricing.

The swap will have 3 sections:  

FIREARMS:  must arrive unloaded.  Firearms will be locked or tie strapped.  There will be a check in process, so be ready.  Magazines must be empty.  There will be no ammo with firearms, they will be displayed/sold separately.

FREE:  Just want to get rid of something?  We have a free section, fill out a tag.

You have a lot of items to sell? we will set up your own table.  Have one item?  Fill out a tag, we will add your item to the selling table - tags required.


Saturday morning, we will be begin setting up at 8:30.  Help with setting up tables
Coffee and donuts will be served.
Those who have one item, once its tag, you can leave it on the table, our cashier will collect money and hold the money.  

Cannot be at the meet but have items to sell? Drop off with Niles/Bonnie, with the completed tag.  

9:00 - 11:00 SELLING and trading begins. 
We ask buyers to bring small change, so selling is easier.

How long will the event last, we don't know. It will depend on how many buyers we have, what's being sold, the number of buyers  …..  it might last 30 minutes or a hour.

We need someone to handle the coffee service - and clean up.

Check in:  Niles will handle the firearm check in, we could use another to help with the 'other items' check in.

Clean up — Anyone who wishes to hang around and help with any clean up and tables is welcomed!

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