Sunday, January 7, 2018

Trauma Kit / Stop the Bleed


Our Stop the Bleed presentation was excellent, Erin and her team demonstrated how important giving immediate first aid, and how a CAT tourniquet can save a life.  Hopefully, a trauma accident will not happen in our lives, but if one does, one needs to be ready.  So, let's get prepared.
Our lives on the road exposes us to many situations. We could witness or be involved in a roadside accident, or perhaps a public shooting - which has become a reality.  To be better prepared we have created a Retama Trauma kit.  

The attached Kit is available for pre-order.  We will be placing our order on January 19th.  Prepayment will be required.

The Retama Trauma Kit is designed for major injury, we suggest adding your favorite band-aids and creams to complete the kit.

If you have questions please contact Bonnie or Niles.

Email Bonnie for the pdf order form 

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