Tuesday, February 6, 2018

.22lr shoot Saturday morning

Tim Smith says Saturday is going to be 83 degrees.
We are planning a .22 long rifle shoot at da Range Saturday morning. Registration and bakery at 9:00.
Trigger ready at 9:30.

Two Classes:
1) Stock production gun and scope under $700 msrp retail.
2) Custom gun and scope over $700.

Entry Fee: $10.  The usual 60/30/10 payback for each class.

Firing Postion: either bench rest or prone / shooters choice.

Distance: 25 yards all targets.

Round Count: 75. Bring lots of ammo.

Stage 1: Black Death Challenge
     Paper target. 35 rounds. 100 points.

Stage 2: KYL Steel Targets
     Three times shooting 8 targets.
      Missing a target stops the string.
      5 points each target.  120 points max

Stage 3: Tootsie Pop suckers
      5 suckers, 5 shots total
       10 points each sucker
       50 points max

Stage 4: Mystery Targets
      5 targets, 5 shots total
      10 points each target severed
       50 points max

If you have a rimfire rifle, bring it down and shoot Saturday morning. Two classes should separate the reasonably priced guns from the crazy priced guns. 25 yards should be close enough to give the 4x to 9x scopes a fighting chance.

We are looking for a fun shoot. Come and compete, or come and watch.  Guests of members are welcome to compete.

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