Sunday, February 4, 2018

Basic Pistol Class Instruction - February 22 & March 01

Dates:         February 22 & March 01, 09:30am to 12:00p
Location:  3903 Pelican Way
Instructors:  Bonnie Fogg & Niles Deden, NRA Certified Pistol Instructors

The Basic Pistol introduction class is designed for the newest of shooters, one who has never shot a gun, or it’s been so long a refresher is needed!.  This class follows the NRA Basic Pistol course and includes classroom and range time with live fire.  

The class is held in two sessions.   
The first class will be about 3 hours of presentation.  
The second class will be at the range with live fire, about 2 hours. 

At the end of the class you will understand how your handgun functions, the range commands and how to safely handle any pistol. This class will provide hands-on training to provide an excellent foundation for the beginning handgun shooter.

Shooters will be introduced to:  
    • Firearm and range safety
    • Understand range commands and procedures to follow
    • Fundamentals including determination of dominant eye, assuming proper two-handed grip,
    • Demonstrating the five fundamentals of pistol shooting, including sight picture, sight alignment, trigger pull and breath control
    • How to operate your firearm: loading, how to operate the slide or cylinder, cocking, de-cocking, unloading
    • Range and live fire will include safely shooting a target from the bench rest and the two-handed standing position.
Cost is $50 for the 2 sessions

Required :  Eye and ear protection (available), a properly functioning pistol, 50+ rounds of ammunition.  A pistol/range bag are required.  
A current and signed Range Waiver form

For the classroom - Coffee/donuts will be served. 

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