Saturday, February 24, 2018

Marksmanship Deadline March 3rd

Bonnie has set a Marksmanship closing date a week from today, Saturday, March 3rd. Please have your targets and scores turned in by next Saturday so that Bonnie can get them sent to the NRA offices for awards.

If you don't finish next week - no problem. You can continue to shoot this Spring and Summer. We will apply for your awards next Fall. There really isn't any time limit for shooting these targets.

I talked to the Butterfly Center manager yesterday. He has 100+ high school and college students coming to plant, plus Winter Texans and other volunteers. Our people are safe shooters, but you know the tv media will be there. We don't need a bunch of kids saying they were scared because they heard gunfire close by.
Look at the bright side - it's too windy for good shooting anyway.  Go to a gun store instead.

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden

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