Saturday, February 10, 2018

Saturday Shootout Feb 10

We had 10 shooters for the .22lr Precision Shoot this morning. The weather started cool and cloudy and ended sunny and warm.  We shot paper targets, steel targets, Tootsie Pop suckers, and wooden match sticks. Breaking a wooden match stick at 25 yards seems like an impossible task, but our shooters were up to it.

Production Class:
First Place - Ray Holzworth - 201/325
Second Place - Chris Atkinson - 181/325
Consolation -Ted Rogers

Custom Class:
First Place - Niles Deden - 305/325
Second Place - Robert Gillis - 298/325
Consolation - Pat Stewart

Congratulations to Pat Stewart!  Her gun was border line between the two classes. She decided to shoot Custom. Her score of 241 would have won the Production Class.

Thank you to Bob and Kathy Barnett for scoring.
Thank you to Sue Deden for doing registration.

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