Saturday, March 10, 2018

March 10 Pistol Results

We had a good day of shooting today. It started cloudy and cool and ended sunny and warm - but no wind!
We had a comfortable group, 27 sets of targets. I should have fed the bears more. They were a little small at 15 yards.
Wanda Lantrip won Rim Fire. Ross Anderson took second. Wanda also won the prize money for first time shooter. Ross and Darla Ewer tied for second. Ross won the shoot off and the prize money. Nice shooting Darla.

Don Peoples won first place center fire. He was shooting at 15 yards. Congratulations Don!
Pat Stewart took second place, also shooting at 15 yards. Good shooting Pat!
The Mystery Shoot was falling steel. Keith Willequette pretty much kicked butt with a 4.02 second time. Dennis Duford made Keith sweat with a 4.26 time.

We have dropped the men's and ladies classes. You can see that our lady shooters are as good or better than our guys. Good shooting ladies! If the men whine about getting beat, talk to your wife.

Thanks to Bonnie for handling the RSO duties and for making brownies. Thanks to Bob and Kathy for scoring. Thanks to Sue for registration.

Thanks to all of you for shooting!

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