Monday, October 22, 2018

Re: da Range 2018 - 19 Season

Sorry, the second registration is THURSDAY, November 15th.

Welcome back to da Range for this season. All summer it was too hot to shoot.  The past ten days it has been too wet to shoot.  Well, that's Texas,  Next week.
Neto has the grass at the range mowed and trimmed.  We will repair the target stands and get the steel in place very soon.

The crew working in the Rhodes farm shed west of the range say that there are bullet holes in the steel shed and that they hear bullets whining overhead.  Mike Rhodes brought the issue up when Bonnie and I met with him last week.  The best Bonnie and I can tell, the stray bullets are ricochets from the pistol steel course.  The steel course was taken down for the summer.  When it goes back up, we are thinking of moving it east of Mabel and east of the shotgun course.  Mike Rhodes will cut us a new driveway as access further east.  The advantages of the new location are: 1) more space to lay out steel stages, 2) less conflict with the pistol and rifle ranges, 3) and no ricochets hitting the shed.  The main disadvantage is no steel shooting Tuesday morning when the shotguns shoot clays.

The first gun range registration will be Saturday, October 27th; and the second will be Saturday, November 15th.  The Clubhouse doors open at 8:30.  The video showings are at 9:30 and 10:15. Please bring your range badges to the registration.  For the 18-19 season, you will receive a sticker for your existing name badge.

Just like every other year:
  1. Everyone signs a range waiver
  2. Everyone watches the safety video
  3. Everyone at Retama pays a range maintenance fee

We have had a few complaints about having to watch the safety video each year.  Suck it up! If our instructors and Range Safety Officers have to watch the video, so do you.  Bonnie has to watch the video, and she produced it.

We get complaints about having to pay a maintenance fee.  Last season, we spent $500 for the porta potty and $2500 for targets, target stands, and steel.  The $35 and $50 maintenance fee is about the same as two boxes of ammo.  The other gun ranges in the Valley are $30 a month.

Nothing about the border wall is certain. Probably it will get built in Hidalgo County.  Probably near the gun range. Probably not until next summer. Probably we will still have access to the gun range.  The advance border wall planning people at the meetings tell Mike Rhodes positive things, but No One will put anything in writing.

There are several projects for the season.  The first is moving the steel range to the east side of Mabel.  The move includes putting up a sunscreen shelter for the pistol steel range.  The second project is putting a sunscreen over the rifle and pistol shooting benches. We are looking for welders to weld the steel pipe frame in place.

This season looks to be busy.  Last year we had  66 shooters from Bentsen Palm and almost 90 from Retama.  The past nine years, we have not had a single accidental gunshot incident.  Let's make this the tenth safe year in a row.

Shoot safe,
Niles Deden

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