Thursday, November 8, 2018

Gun Range Registration Thursday, Nov 15th 8:30 am

The next gun range registration is going to be Thursday, November 15th, starting at 8:30 am in the Retama Clubhouse.  We will show the video at about 9:15.  You need to sign the waiver and pay the maintenance fee before the video.

The third gun range registration will be the first week in December at the Bentsen Palm Clubhouse.  Date and time to be determined.


The first pistol shoot of the year will be the Friday after Thanksgiving, starting at 9:30 am.  We call this a turkey shoot, because we have paper turkey targets.  The cost to shoot is $5.00 per target. If you are not happy with the results of your first target, you may purchase additional targets.  The entry fee is 100% payback.  We pay 60% to the highest score in the class, 30% to the second highest score, and 10% to the bottom score in the class.  You may use red dot electronic sights, but no magnification allowed.


This year we are going to try 3 shooter classes.  You pick the class of shooter you think best fits you.  If you are the top shooter in your class, move up a class.  All classes will shoot at the same distance. The distance may change on different days. (The Thanksgiving Friday Turkey Shoot will be 7 yards.)


The three classes of shooters are:


  1. First Class: These could be new shooters, rusty shooters, first time shooters at our range. Last year, this would have been our 7 yard group.
  2. Better Class: These are the in between shooters.  They are better than First Class, but not as good as Expert.  Last year, they would have shot at 11 yards.
  3. Expert Class:  This is the group that shot at 15 yards last year.  They probably qualified as a NRA Distinguished Expert pistol shooters. Billie Oth is top dog in this group.


Again, these classes are self policing.  No one assigns you to a class.  Shoot in which ever class you are comfortable.


At the range, the 7 yard, 11 yard, 25 yard and 50 yard targets have been rebuilt.  The 15 yard targets should be done in a few days.  The 100 yard long range rifle will be rebuilt.  There is steel at 75 yards.  There is new steel at 100 yards.  Steel spinners are on order for 50 and 75 yards.


The pistol steel will be put up once that area is mowed.


The shade cloth is on order and should be available in the next couple of weeks.  Mike Rhodes is paying for the steel pipe and for 120 feet of shade cloth over the shooting benches.  Our two high school Scholastic Shooters are paying for 20 feet of shade cloth at the pistol steel range.  We will add 45 feet of shade cloth over the spectator area as funds allow.


Bonnie has the gun range calendar online. The link is:


Please note that the calendar may change during the month as short notice events are added  or as the weather forces changes.


The last few days, the levee road gate by the state park has been closed and locked.  The Shurbach road gate past the Butterfly Center has been open.  The Military Road gate at the top of the levee has been closed but not locked.  The only certain open road is the dirt road down past the camera tower.  The dirt road is ok in dry weather.  I don’t advise driving it in the wet or rain.  I saw a pickup stuck there two weeks ago.


The Border Patrol reports more drug traffic in our area lately, which explains the increased security.  As the caravan in Mexico gets closer to the US, I would expect that getting to the range may be more difficult.  I always stop and say hello to the Border Patrol and tell them where I am going.  We have seen more State Police and Homeland Security, but no National Guard or Army in our neighborhood.  If you see suspicious activity, call the Border Patrol at

(956) 217-3827 or (956) 217-3709.  If you find large bags of money, call me.


If you are no longer in the valley and want to be removed from this email list, please let me know.


Shoot safe,

Niles Deden

(651) 380-9112


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