Now that Trump has re-opened the government, we are trying to wind the gift card project down. Agents won’t get paid until some time next week, so there is still some demand. Both Bonnie’s and my phone number have been circulated among agents. We are still receiving phone calls asking if the gift cards are available. We have mailed out more than three dozen cards.

The decision was made to stop accepting donations effective Friday evening. We know there are checks in the mail, but we will return them.

Donations have been stopped at a total of $16,612. We have $812 cash on hand. $800 will be spent to purchase 16 additional gift cards. The $12 will be used to purchase stamps to cover postage expense.
332 Gift cards will have been purchased. We have 21 cards in inventory. These cards are being tracked by serial number and recipient names recorded so that none of these cards are lost. If we are still holding gift cards one month from now, a decision will have to be made about what to do with the unused cards.

The $12 was the only money spent on expenses.

Thank you to all our donors, who were extremely generous.
Thank you to all our volunteers, who spent a solid week working on this project.
Thank you to all the Border Patrol agents who keep our villages and border safe.

Thank you all!
Niles Deden