Monday, January 21, 2019

Fwd: Border Patrol Project - Update 1/20/19

Border Patrol Gift Card - Update 1/20/19
Sunday was an extremely busy day for the Border Patrol Gift Card Project. The generosity of our community is heart warming and extraordinary. Today another $1360 was raised, bringing our total to $4750 dollars - in 48 hours.

We are accepting donations and distributing gift cards at the Retama Village club house from 10 until 3 this week, Monday through Friday.

Incredibly news of our project has spread. Folks from Houston, Baton Rouge, Kansas, Canada and beyond are sending checks to help the BP project.

We need volunteers 
We would like to ask for help in covering the 10a to 3p schedule. We need two people. Can you spare an hour or two? There is a sign up at the clubhouse. We have Monday and Thursday covered but need help with the other days. Niles and I will be at the club house Monday morning.
Today's Story
Today we received a call from an agent asking about our project. His voice was disheartened as he explained how embarrassed he was to be asking for a hand out. But he had an infant and was needing formula. We talked, and an hour later he arrived. I handed him a card, we shook hands, and as we walked to his car I whispered, "there are two cards, one for your family, another for the baby formula". His stopped, gave a huge bear hug, his lips trembled as he thanked us again. Later he sent a text message sharing more thanks from him and his family.
Once again, thank you very much indeed for your support on this project.

Bonnie Fogg
For more info:
Niles Deden Email (651) 380-9112 | Bonnie Fogg Email (630)688-3594
All activities can be found on the calendar.  RANGE CALENDAR. 

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