Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Todays Updates 1/23/19

January 23, 2019
Border Patrol Fund Project Update 1/23/19
Exceeding Our Wildest Expectations!
Bonnie ... share this message.

Another day, another dollar... or two.... or one thousand..... or two thousand. Last night's email said that we had $9,000 in donations. Shortly after that email went out, an anonymous donor showed up at my door with one thousand dollars. Today we received two $500 checks, multiple anonymous cash donations, and MANY other cash donations.

As of today we have purchased $11,250 worth of gift cards. We have given out 225 gift cards. We are holding $1,700 in cash for tomorrow morning to purchase more cards.  Our donations from Tuesday evening ($9,000) have reached $12,950 by
Wednesday evening.

PLUS, Bonnie and I were invited over to BPV Margarita night to explain the gift card project. At the end of the presentation, people were asking who to make the checks payable to.  I just heard from Keith at BPV their 'pass the hat' collected $1,420.

When Bonnie and I drove back into Retama at 5:00 o'clock, two Border Patrol agents were at the Clubhouse door looking for gift cards (which they received). The one shared that his wife is undergoing cancer treatments -- good news he is still covered under his medical.

Your generosity has directly affected 225 Border Patrol families. That kind of good will is priceless.  I can't say thank you enough times.

Niles Deden

Notecard from this morning
Today's CBP messages:

On a happy note, a CBP arrived first thing this morning with a tray of cookies, she said it was a small token of her appreciation.

Another Agent commented to a fellow CPB that walking into the Retama Clubhouse yesterday was difficult, he didn't like asking for charity. However our Villagers welcomed him in so graciously that when he got in his vehicle he was overtaken by emotion.

A wife (CBP) shared that her husband and she are both agents, no income. This card allowed them to put fuel into their car.

"Our community are the angels on the earth, thank you", shared another.

Leaving today on a brighter note. Several agents over the course of the last couple of days, walk into our clubhouse ..... they stop and look around, and say something like "Wow! This is a very nice place! We've only seen it from the outside, and at night! ". :)

A notecard from this morning,

Friday Conceal Carry Shoot 1/25
An opportunity to train
Friday morning we are holding our first conceal carry shoot. This is not our traditional pistol target shoot, but rather an opportunity to shoot those little pistols that might be tucked into your holster, purse, or near the bedside table.

Friday morning isn't about hitting the bullseye, but rather getting the shot on the paper, and on the target. We will share tips, shooting fundamentals and much more.

So bring your carry gun to the range for a little trigger time, we begin practice at 10:30am. Weather permitting!

Hope to see you there! And it's free!
Pistol Coaching Classes
Bonnie's pistol coaching class today was postponed because of the windy cold weather. She has two classes planned for January 30th and February 06th, both on Wednesday. Let her know if you want to book the class. Space is limited. Details are on the Range Calendar, links below.
For more info:
Niles Deden Email (651) 380-9112 | Bonnie Fogg Email (630)688-3594
All activities can be found on the calendar.  RANGE CALENDAR. 

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