Thursday, February 14, 2019

Da Range Closed Tomorrow Morning

Range Closure Tomorrow Morning
Here's What's Happening
The guys rallied together the last couple of days and have started placing and welding the sun shade piping. It's the generosity of our range member in volunteering their time and expertise in getting this project off the ground - literally.

We have also had the help of Border Patrol. Agent 'Joe' shoots regularly at the range, and wanted to lend a hand - thanks Joe!!

Friday morning they will be hard at work, please give them the space they need to get this project completed. Thanks in advance.

PS, We hope you notice the target backers have been replaced on most of the targets. Please be conscious of what is behind your target. Often a rear backer is aligned with your front target which cause unnecessary damage to the hidden target.
Sweet Heart Shoot Today
Weather was picture perfect for the annual Valentine's Day Shoot. We had a nice turn out and several shoot off's before the winners were declared.

Don Hay was the double winner; money for the Valentine Heart targets plus the Poker Hand.
Check Out The Long Range Steel
We now have some awesome long range rifle targets, thanks to John deLeon. John worked hard building, welding and creating new targets at the 200 and 300 yard distances. And, John continue's to refine the configuration of the steel targets. John donated the steel framing, welding and construction - so next time you see him, share a big thank you.

Be sensitive to your environment. Should you hear the tractors, or BP vehicles traveling the back road, it's time to pack up the gear. These long rifle bullets travel a good distance and our backstop is short -- please, please be aware and careful. We also ask that 30.06 and 25.06 together with amor piercing not be used.
There is nothing better than shooting and hearing the "ting' of a shot on steel.
Some of our gals have been working their 10/22's at the 200 yard - with success!

The 300 yard steel targets are a great addition to our long range rifle. Work continues, we should see more developments in the next week or so.

Friday afternoons is long range shooting, come down and check it out. THANKS JOHN!!
Shooting Schedule
February 19, Tuesday is the NRL22 course of fire. This COF will be shot at the 25 to 100 yard distances with various targets as provided by the NRL22 league.

da Range is an approved range, and our scores get tallied and submitted to the national league each month.

Also on Tuesday mornings the shotgun shooters gather. This group is growing and growing!

Golf Carts
Our little buggies are sure convenient and the population and use of the buggies to get to the range has been increasing. However, we need the buggies to be parked in the parking lot. We admit, we have been the worse offenders, but the range area / firing line area is not the designed parking area. Thanks for your co-operation.
For more info:
Niles Deden Email (651) 380-9112 | Bonnie Fogg Email (630)688-3594
All activities can be found on the calendar.  RANGE CALENDAR. 

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