This morning the International Boundary Water Commission was on the levee. The IBWC guys were putting up No Trespassing signs. This was at the request of Border Patrol.

As you may have noticed over the past several months there have been a large number of birders walking (and driving) on the levee. They have been well equipped with high powered binoculars and cameras ..... I guess they are looking for some special birds. This has caused the BP problems as the Coyote's now have their own 'spotters', also equipped with high powered gear...... but their own 'spotters' who have no interest in birdlife. The IBWC has placed the no trespassing signs up to keep the birders, good and/or bad off the levee.

When asked if there was a problem with our gun range accessing the levee, the answer was no ..Those from BPV and Retama Village were fine. Just keep wearing your badges folks.

If we hear differently we will share. We think our neighbors to the east might have a different story to tell, but this is the best info we have for now.